Will Our PETS Be in Heaven With Us?

One question I was asked in a recent Live stream is whether or not our pets Will be in heaven with us that's what I'm going to be talking about in this Video as I play a clip for you in Response to that question in my live Stream but before I do that don't forget To subscribe to my channel and click the Bell if you're new so you get notified About my future live streams and video Uploads now for the clip what are your Thoughts on pets in heaven would we meet Them again uh I do think it's possible That we will meet our pets in heaven Again because the Bible does talk about Especially on the new Earth I don't know If we're going to meet them again Specifically when we go to the New Jerusalem in heaven but God is going to Create a new Earth and the Bible in Describing that new Earth says that There are going to be animals on it and This is going to be in Isaiah I think it's chapter 65 if I'm not Mistaken yes so he talks about the new Earth in Isaiah chapter 65. For behold I create new heavens and a New Earth and when you jump down to the Bottom more It says the wolf and the lamb shall feed Together the lion shall eat straw like The ox and dust shall be the Serpent's Food they shall not hurt nor destroy in All my Holy Mountain says the Lord if

God has the ability to create new Animals on the new Earth then he also Has the ability if and if he has the Ability to resurrect us I'm sure he has The ability to like recreate or I don't Know maybe resurrect our pets that have Passed away so that they can be with us On the new Earth I Know This Much the Bible tells us that I Has Not Seen Nor Ear Has heard Um I'm kind of paraphrasing now what God Has in store for us in eternity also the Bible tells us that it will be full of Pleasure and joy and so I think it is Very possible that we will be reunited With our pets that have passed away big Thanks to all of you who support my Channel with your prayers and donations If you haven't already please pray for My channel that God may continue using It to reach people with the gospel and If you'd like to make a donation to help Support my social media Ministry you can Make a one-time donation through PayPal Or a monthly pledge through patreon Links to my PayPal and patreon accounts Are in the video description it's likely That our pets will be with us on the new Earth there will be animals with us on The new Earth and God has the ability to Recreate or resurrect our pets if he so Desires nothing is too hard for God did You know that in heaven we will have Physical bodies we will see Jesus face

To face and ultimately God will create a New Earth for us to inhabit learn more About these and other things we will do In heaven by clicking on the screen to Watch my video entitled 10 things we Will do in heaven that will surprise you

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