Why Most Christians Are Unprepared for Jesus’ Second Coming: Discover the Reasons

Unveiling the Causes: Why the Vast Majority of Christians Stand Unprepared for the Second Coming of Jesus

Why Most Christians Are Unprepared for Jesus’ Second Coming: Discover the Reasons


The second coming of Jesus is a topic that holds significance in the Christian faith, yet many believers find themselves unprepared for this momentous event. In Matthew 7:21-23, Jesus explains who will enter the kingdom of Heaven, emphasizing the importance of doing the will of the Father over empty words. This article delves into the reasons why most Christians are unprepared for Jesus’ second coming, shedding light on the need for true obedience and a commitment to living according to God’s law.

Heading 1: Pets think they’re ready for Jesus, but they’re not prepared

Pets may seem innocent and loving, but when it comes to the second coming of Jesus, they are not equipped to make the necessary decisions for their eternal salvation. While animals can certainly bring joy and companionship into our lives, it is essential to understand that they lack the ability to comprehend spiritual matters and make conscious choices regarding their faith.

Subheading 1:1: Matthew 7:21-23 explains who will enter the kingdom of Heaven

Matthew 7:21-23 provides a powerful insight into the true requirements for entering the kingdom of Heaven. Jesus stresses that mere claims of being Christian and full of the Holy Spirit are not enough. Rather, it is the demonstration of obedience and a life aligned with the will of the Father that holds the key to eternal salvation.

Subheading 1:2: Doing the will of the Father is more important than words

In this passage, Jesus cautions against mere lip service and emphasizes the importance of actions that reflect the will of God. Doing the will of the Father involves not only worship but an entire way of life. It goes beyond attending church services and professing faith; it requires conscious effort to live according to God’s commandments and teachings.

Heading 2: Some will claim to have prophesied, cast out demons, and performed wonders

In the passage, Jesus reveals that there will be individuals who boast about their spiritual achievements, such as prophesying, casting out demons, and performing miracles. However, these external manifestations alone do not guarantee entrance into heaven.

Subheading 2:1: Jesus will declare He never knew them because they practice lawlessness

Despite their apparent spiritual feats, Jesus will declare that He never knew these individuals. The reason behind this rejection is their disregard for God’s law and their practice of lawlessness. It serves as a reminder that true Christianity requires not only spiritual demonstrations but also adherence to God’s commands.

Subheading 2:2: Being Christian and full of the Holy Spirit is not enough for Heaven

The passage emphasizes that being a Christian and being filled with the Holy Spirit are important aspects of one’s faith. However, it is crucial to understand that these alone do not automatically guarantee a place in Heaven. True readiness for Jesus’ second coming goes beyond these initial steps and requires a commitment to a life of righteousness and obedience.

Heading 3: Jesus wants both worship and obedience from believers

While worship is an essential element of the Christian faith, Jesus desires not just worship but also obedience from His followers. It is vital to recognize that obedience to God’s commands and teachings is a demonstration of true faith. Without obedience, worship becomes empty and devoid of meaning.

Heading 4: True Christianity requires keeping God’s law and separating from sin

True Christianity involves living a life characterized by adherence to God’s law and separation from sin. Believers should strive to keep God’s commandments, seeking a life of righteousness and holiness. This commitment requires a conscious and continuous effort to follow God’s guidance and abstain from sinful behaviors.


As Christians, it is imperative that we reflect on the reasons why many of us are unprepared for Jesus’ second coming. Merely claiming to be Christian and having spiritual experiences are not enough. We must prioritize obedience to God’s will, keeping His commandments, and separating ourselves from sin. True readiness lies in a genuine commitment to walking in the footsteps of Jesus, both in worship and in obedience. By living according to God’s law, we can ensure that we are indeed prepared for the momentous day when Jesus returns.

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