Why are the New Testament books ordered the way they are?

I just got done reading through the New Testament I'm sitting here at the end of This trying to wrap my brain around why The books are in the order that they are Arranged in because it's not Chronological and I don't know if this Is the original intent but I think I Gotta read on this it at least makes Sense for me Matthew Mark Luke and John Those are the stories of Jesus so it Makes sense that those would go first Then acts as the story of the early Church makes sense that we go next then We have a genre change as we go from Acts to Romans and everything from here All the way down to the second to last Book of the New Testament these are all Letters but they're not all the same Kind of letters all of these geography Place name letters these nine are Letters from Paul to specific churches These are personal letters from Paul These are all General letters to the Church and Christians around the world And then Revelation is a summary of like All of Theology of the whole Bible Old Testament and New and a description of How things wrap up in the end I think That's probably how it hangs together it Makes sense to me at least

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