Where Was Your Light?

Foreign let your light so shine before Men that they may see your good works And glorify your father which is in Heaven If you are standing on the sidewalk Speaking with one of the Lost involved In an innocuous conversation about Unprofitable things and a brother or Sister in Christ approaches the two of You after the initial and seemingly Necessary opening niceties what will the Conversation turn to will it continue in Those things that contain no Eternal Value or will it turn to profitable Items this may seem like a simple enough Opening statement to this short video But it speaks volumes about who we are About who we claim to be in Christ both Of you know this person is on their way To Eternal damnation if they do not Repent you both fully understand that There are no such things as luck chance Or coincidences so this lost person has Arrived in your presence for a specific Reason and the two of you understand That we are to reach out to the lost but Will you do that work that glorifies God Will words of his peace love and Compassion for that lost soul come from Your lips or will you be too embarrassed To do so will you feel sorrow for that Person who does not know the Lord while Two ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven Are in his or her midst when the holy

Spirit of God is standing right in front Of them The Lord is not slack concerning his Promise as some men count slackness but Is long-suffering to us word not willing That any should perish but that all Should come to repentance Yet the words of truth do not flow from You for you do not know them well enough You fear to offend them it isn't the Right time you do not know enough Scripture verses you have places to go People to see and things to do Although I preach the gospel I have Nothing to Glory of for necessity is Laid upon me yewo is unto me if I preach Not the gospel Was that verse written only with Paul in Mind is it only for pastors and Elders Is Christ to be spoken of only in Private settings within the confines of The church and the office of the pastor After a certain date and time has been Agreed upon are you just expecting them To show up to church so that those who Have been assigned the task of reaching Out to the Lost can fulfill their Obligations Perhaps not as an opening statement but How long until the conversation will it Be before you move away from the Unprofitable and finally ask them Who do you say Jesus Christ is When that person leaves your presence

Will the two of you begin to speak of The things of Christ or the things of The world himself will you feel a hint Of shame because you did not ask them That question will there still be joy in Your heart as you watch that lost soul Walk away towards hell And should have said something to them While Garner him no rewards in heaven my Friends But be ye doers of the word and not Hears only deceiving your own selves If they have not seen or heard your good Works how are they the glorify God Perhaps the Lord will send someone to Speak with them you may say to each Other as that lost soul leaves your Company perhaps he will be merciful to Them and after all you are not the Pastor are you And this isn't Sunday morning at church Is it It wasn't the time or place was it It was just a coincidental meeting on The street three people that just Happened to be at the same place at the Same time I wondered How would you feel if you heard the Screeching of tiles on the pavement a Few moments later the screams of Bystanding And as you turn quickly to look in my Direction you see that person die right

In front of me Where was your life been When I say unto the wicked Thou shalt Surely die and thou give us him not Warning he'll speak It from his with the way to save his Life the same working man shall die in His iniquity but his blood will I Require at thine healing

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