What to Expect for Those Who Turned Down Jesus at the Second Coming

Title: The Consequences of Rejecting Jesus at His Second Coming


As believers, we eagerly anticipate the glorious return of Jesus Christ, a day filled with hope, restoration, and eternal joy. The prospect of this long-awaited event brings comfort, assurance, and a renewed sense of purpose to our lives. However, for those who have consciously chosen to turn away from Jesus at His Second Coming, the implications and outcomes are profoundly different.

In this article, we will explore what awaits individuals who have rejected the opportunity to accept Jesus as their Savior during the climactic moments when He returns to establish His eternal Kingdom. While this topic may not be widely discussed, it is essential to understand the consequences that accompany such a decision.

Please note that this article is not meant to induce fear or promote judgment, but rather to shed light on the significance of our choices and encourage reflection on the eternal consequences of rejecting Jesus at His Second Coming.

Without further ado, let us delve into the thought-provoking realities and implications for those who have turned down Jesus amidst His triumphant return.

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What will happen to those who turn down Jesus at the Second Coming? The answer to this question is revealed in Second Thessalonians 2 verse 8. In this verse, we learn that the Lawless one’s fate will be a fearful one. The Lord will consume him with His breath and utterly destroy him. But why such a fate for those who reject salvation? Let’s delve deeper into this topic and understand the reasons behind it.

The Lawless one’s fate

Second Thessalonians 2 verse 8 states that the Lawless one, also known as the Antichrist, will ultimately face destruction by the Lord. This implies that those who align themselves with the Lawless one and reject salvation will share a similar fate. The imagery of being consumed by God’s breath carries a powerful message – that the Lawless one and his followers will be completely eradicated.

Unable to bear the sight of a pure and holy God

Those who reject salvation have chosen to turn away from the grace and forgiveness offered by Jesus. As a result, their souls remain stained with sin and impurity. In the presence of a pure and holy God, their sinful nature is exposed, and they are unable to bear the sight of His divine perfection.

Crying out for rocks and mountains to hide

In their despair and fear, those who turned down Jesus cry out for rocks and mountains to hide them from His face. This symbolic imagery represents their desperate attempt to escape the judgment that awaits them. They seek refuge in the physical world, hoping to find solace and protection from the consequences of their choices.

Jesus’ glorious return

When Jesus returns for the Second Coming, He will come in all the glory of God the Father. His radiance will shine brighter than anything humanity has ever witnessed. The brightness of just one angel at His Resurrection caused even the Roman gods to faint. Now, imagine the impact of millions or billions of angels, accompanied by the glory of Jesus. The wicked will be overwhelmed by His purity and brightness, realizing the depth of their rejection and the gravity of their choices.

The overwhelming purity and brightness of Jesus

The purity and brightness of Jesus will be so overwhelming that those who rejected Him will have no place to hide. Their previous attempts to hide behind rocks and mountains will be in vain. In the face of Jesus’ radiance, their sins and the darkness within them will be exposed. They will have to confront the consequences of their rejection of salvation, with nowhere to escape.


In conclusion, those who turn down Jesus at the Second Coming will face a terrifying fate. Second Thessalonians 2 verse 8 reveals that the Lawless one, as well as those who rejected salvation, will be consumed by the Lord’s breath and destroyed. The imagery used in this verse paints a vivid picture of the consequences of rejecting God’s grace. The overwhelming purity and brightness of Jesus will expose the sinful nature of those who turned away from Him, leaving them with no place to hide. Let us strive to accept the gift of salvation and embrace the love and forgiveness offered by Jesus, so that we may avoid such a fate.

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