What the News Is NOT TELLING YOU About the Nashville School Shooting

At 10 30 a.m on the 27th of March police Received a call of an active shooter at The Covenant School in Nashville Tennessee within 14 minutes the police Had arrived and neutralized the shooter But in that short time three Nine-year-old students of the school had Been killed along with three adults one Person in this New York Times article Described the school as the sweetest Most wonderful place that Wonder has Been brutally shattered what's going on In this world this is becoming a regular Occurrence an online article in the Washington Post outlines the dramatic Increase in school shootings in recent Years through 2017 the country averaged About 11 school shootings a year never Eclipsing 16 in a single year but Starting in 2018 Violent incidents started climbing Especially after the lockdowns of 2020 School shootings increased rap rapidly Reaching 46 just last year and we are on Target to reach similar numbers this Year of course none of these events is Just a statistic each one represents Numerous families that have been ripped Apart and parents experiencing heartache That no parent should have to endure This is the sort of thing that people Around the world are going through every Single day and to think that in the case Of this shooting that it is another

Human being inflicting this pain on Others this reminds me of what Jesus Said about the days of Noah in Matthew Chapter 24 verse 37 stating but as the Days of Noah were so also will the Coming of the son of man be Jesus said That just before he returns the Earth Will be in the same moral State as it Was before the flood what did that look Like genesis chapter 6 verse 11 tells us The Earth also was corrupt before God And the Earth was filled with violence That reminds me of the increased number Of mass shootings in recent years and Not only that violent crime rates are Increasing globally in online post Entitled violent crime rates by country By wisevoter.com States violent crime Rates around the world have been Steadily increasing in recent years Creating a worrying Trend in many Countries murder and armed robbery rates Have more than doubled since 2000 with Some regions currently facing homicide Rates higher than any time in decades And not only that the Nashville school Shooting reminds me of Genesis chapter 19. there the sexually depraved man of Sodom tried to violently take the two Guests that lot had in his house which Turned out to be Angels by force and Have their way with them so there was This violent attack by sexually depraved Men against believers of God the

Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale was A transgender who attacked a private Christian School called The Covenant School and Jesus did say in Luke chapter 17 verses 28 and 30 likewise as it was Also in the days of lot even so will it Be in the day when the son of man is Revealed do you think there's a Prophetic connection between the days of Lot and the Nashville school shooting or Do you think that's a stretch let me Know in the comments section Down Below In addition an online post from CBS News Reported that hundreds of people Protested at the Tennessee capitol for Tighter gun controls after the Nashville Shooting protests and debates about gun Control are common after these types of Incidents and I'm not going to tell you Whether that's right or wrong maybe There are some measures that can be put In place to make sure guns make it into The hands of responsible people like a Mental health evaluation it has been Reported in the news that Audrey Hale Was being seen by a doctor for mental Health issues before going on her Rampage so maybe that kind of measure Could have stopped this attack but Regardless I don't think guns are the Real issue here I think the real issue Is the condition of people's hearts we Live in a world full of corruption and Wickedness and people's hearts are full

Of darkness and alienated from God and The only lasting solution to this Problem is the love of God which can Transform our hearts and Minds to make Us more loving and kind to those around Us no laws or politicians can accomplish This change people need to make a Personal choice to accept Jesus as their Lord and savior and follow the teachings Of the Bible you know some people may Say if God is so loving why doesn't he Stop these random acts of violence Almost as if they're blaming God for Evil in the world because he allows it To continue in Matthew chapter 13 verses 24 through 29 Jesus gave the parable of The wheat and the tares to summarize a Man sowed good seed in his field but While he slept an enemy came and so Tears among the wheat and went his way When the crop sprouted the tares also Appeared and the man's servants asked Him if he wanted them to gather up the Tares he told them no and to wait until The time of the Harvest when the Reapers Will gather them up and explaining the Parable of the wheat and the tares Jesus Said in Matthew chapter 13 verses 37-42 He who sows The Good Seed is the son of Man the field is the world the good Seeds are the sons of the Kingdom but The tares are the sons of the wicked one The enemy who sowed them is the devil And the Harvest is the end of the age

And the reapers are the Angels therefore As the tares are gathered and burned in The fire so will it be at the end of This age the son of man will send out His angels and they will gather out of His kingdom all things that offend and Those who practice lawlessness and will Cast them into the furnace of fire there Will be wailing and gnashing of teeth This teaches us that first God is not Responsible for evil remember God is Love love requires Freedom which means The ability to choose to love or not to Love you can't force love for this Reason God didn't create robots but There is a risk with love because love Means there is the possibility of Rejection and choosing a different path So who is responsible for evil not God The devil is the pain in our world today Is not a result of God being absent but A result of the devil being present we Also have freedom of choice as a result We also also play a part in evil the Pain of evil often comes from our Choices or the decisions of others that Impact us of course God could destroy People or he could have destroyed Lucifer as soon as he sinned but that Wouldn't solve the problem it would only Pop up again and again God's plan is far Better than this at the heart of God's Plan is the cross John chapter 3 verse 16 tells us for God so loved the world

That he gave his only begotten son that Whoever believes in him should not Perish but have everlasting life on the Cross Jesus Paid the penalty for sin and Defeated the power of sin the cross Tells us how much we mean to God and how Committed he is to fixing this problem Of sin and death and suffering John Chapter 15 verse 13 says greater love Has no one than this than to lay down One's life for his friends G Jesus loves You so much he understands your hurt and You're paying so much so that he was Prepared to give himself for you even Though it wasn't God who introduced evil He has paid the price so that one day You can enjoy a world without Satan and Evil without death or suffering so why Doesn't God stop evil now although not An easy question I believe we find part Of the answer back in that parable of The wheat and the tares in the parable When the Servants of the sower asked him If he wanted them to gather up the tares He told them to wait until the Harvest You know baby tears and baby wheat Stocks look exactly the same but as they Grow to maturity they become distinctly Different so in the parable Jesus is Saying that evil must stay around long Enough to be seen for what it is sin has To reach its climax remember a God's Solution isn't a quick temporary fix his Solution is a permanent one evidently

The horror of sin will be seen more Fully in the future when the world Reaches an even worse State than it is Now God needs to ensure that all of Those who are saved have no attraction Or desire for sin but the time will come When God will say enough is enough Jesus Will return with his angels to take the Saved back to heaven with him while the Lost will be destroyed by his glory Matthew chapter 24 verses 30 through 31 Says then the sign of the son of man Will appear in heaven and then all the Tribes of the earth will mourn and they Will see the son of man coming on the Clouds Of Heaven with power and great Glory and he will send his angels with a Great sound of a trumpet and they will Gather together his elect from the Four Winds from one end of Heaven to the Other speaking about this same event Second Peter chapter 3 verse 10 tells us But the day of the Lord will come as a Thief in the night in which the heavens Will pass away with a great noise and The elements will melt with fervent heat Both the earth and the works that are in It will be burned up and ultimately God Will create a new Earth with no more Death sorrow or pain Revelation chapter 21 verses 1 through 4 says now I saw a New Heaven and a new Earth for the first Heaven and the first Earth had passed Away also there was no more sea then I

John saw the holy city New Jerusalem Coming down out of Heaven from God Prepared as a bride adorned for her Husband and I heard a loud voice from Heaven saying behold the Tabernacle of God is with man and he will dwell with Them and they shall be his people God Himself will be with them and be their God and God will wipe away every tear From their eyes there shall be no more Death nor sorrow nor crying there shall Be no more pain for the former things Have passed away the recent school Shooting in Nashville is a real tragedy One of many in recent years as mass Shootings and violent crimes spiral out Of control this is just like the days of Noah full of violence and also Bears Some resemblance to the days of lot with Its sexual depravity and attack on Believers protesters called for stricter Gun control but that's not going to Solve gun violence it may help in some Instances but criminals don't care Whether their guns are purchased legally Our only real hope is in the love of God And is promise to create a new Heaven And a new Earth with no violence and Death after the second coming of Jesus Jesus died on the cross but that alone Won't save you the Bible mentions some Steps that you need to take in order for His sacrifice to benefit you find out What they are by clicking on the screen

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