What happens when a massive church is abandoned? In this case, it becomes a skatepark.

All right I'm Church hunting in St Louis Missouri and I'm in a part of town that Looks like it's kind of a mix between Stuff that's gone into disrepair and Some stuff that they're building back up And I found this church you can look at That this is Saint laborious but it's no Longer called Saint laborious it's a Catholic Church Second looking at the Cornerstone Looks like it was built in the mid to Late 1800s and now it's a skate park you Can see the windows are smashed out I Walked all the way around it it's the Same thing throughout and it looks like They've been raising funds to turn the Nave and everything into a place where People get together on Saturdays and Wednesdays I'm told by a local here to Skateboard and hang out with people they Had tacos here yesterday which is a Creative new life for this building but It still feels like a tragedy to me Given what it was I can only assume that Something this elaborate is just Outrageously expensive to maintain it's Kind of an interesting lesson in the Life cycle of a local church I suppose

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