What Happened When I Compared a Scale Map of Bible Lands to the United States?

As a lover of both geography and history, I’ve always been fascinated by maps. But when I stumbled upon a scale map of Bible lands and compared it to a map of the United States, I was astounded by the differences. The vast expanse of the States suddenly seemed insignificant when compared to the enormous scope of the ancient world. Join me as I delve into the eye-opening revelation that this comparison provided.

What Happened When I Compared a Scale Map of Bible Lands to the United States?


The Bible is one of the most influential religious and historical books in the world. It has been translated into hundreds of languages and has been read by countless people throughout history. However, understanding the geography of the Bible can be a challenge, especially for those who have never been to the Middle East. That’s why a video has been created to help people understand the geography of the Bible. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this video and explore what it can teach us about the Bible.

The Video and its Maker

The maker of the video felt that the distances and geography in the Bible were not intuitive, so he created a specific projection and dropped it to scale over the United States. The result was a fascinating comparison that helped viewers get a better sense of the distances involved in many of the stories and events in the Bible. The maker of the video then gave examples of where different towns and cities in the Bible correspond on his projection to specific places in the United States. With this approach, he was able to give viewers a sense of just how far people traveled in the Bible.

Why the Video is Important

The maker of the video believes that his map will help readers better understand the stories told in the Bible. This is because so much of the Bible is tied to the land and the geography of the Middle East. By showing viewers a map that is scaled in relation to the United States, the maker is able to convey information in a way that is more relatable and understandable.

Examples from the Video

To illustrate the power of his map, the maker of the video gives examples of people like Mary and Joseph, Paul, and Nehemiah, and how much they would have had to travel. For instance, Mary and Joseph would have likely traveled over 90 miles in order to reach Bethlehem from Nazareth, which would be like traveling from New York City to Philadelphia. Meanwhile, Paul’s second missionary journey, which took him from Antioch to Ephesus, would have covered a distance of over 1,400 miles, which is roughly the same as the distance from Miami to New York City.

The Future of the Project

The maker of the video would like to make similar videos for other parts of the world and to zoom in on specific places like Jerusalem. He also plans to update the map as new information becomes available. To support these efforts, the video was made with support from people who donate via Patreon.com. High-resolution versions of the map will be made available to supporters of the program at Patreon.com.


In conclusion, the video that compared a scale map of Bible lands to the United States is an important educational tool for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of the geography of the Bible. By using a familiar frame of reference, the maker of the video was able to convey information in a way that is clear, relatable, and understandable. We hope that this video inspires others to explore the history and geography of the Bible in new and innovative ways.

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