What Does Your Heart Say?

So then Faith cometh by hearing and Hearing by the word of God [Music] Now right off the bat as they say the Question for you is this and it may be The most important question that will Ever be asked of you how is your faith In the Lord Jesus Christ as your Personal savior expressed how have you Proved not to others but to yourself That you are HID in Christ that you are The righteousness of God in Christ that You are indeed saved there should be no Debating in our mind of this question When it comes to our Salvation you Either know for a fact that you have Been saved by the grace of God through Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ or you do Not forget those occasional times of Doubt here for a moment they are your Flesh your old nature is trying to come Up for air forget the advances of Satanic forces whispering in your ear Occasionally answer the question how is Your faith in the Lord expressed not to The outside ruled not to your spouse Your children friends or family but in Your heart Examine yourselves whether you be in the Faith prove your own selves knowing ye Not your own selves how that Jesus Christ is in you except he be reprobates It's one or the other not both you Cannot be saved sometimes and at other

Times not saved it isn't the foolishness Of the Roman Catholic cult and their lie Of the sin of presumption it isn't the Mormons with their works-based Ideologies or any other sinful religious Organization that should enter into your Mind here it should be only this what Does your heart tell you the heart that The Lord looks at how does it express The knowledge the unquestionable fact That Jesus Christ is the Lord of your Life that you are going to heaven that You will spend eternity and the presence Of the joy of the Lord experiencing Pleasures forever more I hope you did not say it's a feeling I Have For that heart is deceitful continuously And faith is not feeling saved faith is The knowledge of the truth that you are Saved I hope it's not any external evidence You might attempt to present that sways Your heart plenty of food and water a Warm comfortable place to rest your head At night fairly good health or any other Item that coerces your heart as long as Those items remain Do you believe your salvation is assured Is that knowledge ending Beyond Questioning and absolute guarantee I will offer these words as a possible Answer no matter the circumstances or The possible consequences to yourself

That come into your life that's the best I have for you if your heart can say That then there is a very good Possibility that you are indeed saved But I offer you now at least in what I Have been shown to place in this short Video one simple verse that will prove To you where your heart truly is where Your faith truly lies If you read it and mean it if your heart Rejoices in it no matter where the Lord Jesus Christ leads you for the glory of God if you can honestly say thy will be Done when you read and hear this verse Then Rejoice greatly for your rewards Will be great and you will stand in the Presence of God himself That verse [Music] For me to live is Christ And to die is gain [Music]

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