To Escape or to Stand

Something has been brought to my Attention over the last several months That I would also like to bring to your Attention It is in itself perhaps a contentious Subject but nevertheless it's something That I feel I must speak to you about It is rather discouraging to hear so Many people these days saying the words Oh Jesus come back soon and I do not Mean that in an adverse way but to those That are continuously saying this I ask This of you Why do you want the Rapture to happen so Badly Are you being tormented above what you Believe you can endure are the dangers Quite outside your door have you been in Prison for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ or are you simply afraid of all The images that you are seeing on your Television screen and cell phones Foreign For the last three years or so I have Been seeing something happening that is Very disturbing to me and perhaps to you Also there seems to be a falling away in A sense that I did not quite expect Many of us do indeed realize that the Age of the Gentiles The age of Grace is coming to a close That the Rapture is imminent and then The tribulation period will begin And we understand that in part our

Ministry to the Lord has been modified To include this message but it is one That we were to be offering all along Was it not It is taken for granted that we are to Be Witnesses for the Lord Jesus Christ To the glory of God but what I have Noticed recently is this A large group of individuals that I will Call the old Jesus come back soon crowd [Music] While their intentions may be good and Honorable They may indeed be saved that is for God To know But far too many are more interested it Seems in being with Christ than reaching The lost seeking for those lost sheep Amongst the wicked Indeed they seem more afraid of any Possible persecution to themselves than Attempting to seek for those who still Do not know why Lord as Savior There is a balance that must be attained I am well aware of that If you have watched any of my videos or Read any number of the letters written To you You will see this same subject matter Broach orphan Sometimes far too often in my opinion But it is what I am commanded to do And that is what I do The topic of the tribulation period the

Days of Jacob's troubles has always Drawn a crowd shall we say as well as Any conversation of the Rapture and While we are to comfort each other with These words while we are indeed to look Up for our Redemption draws nigh while We are assured that when we see these Things come to pass we know it is close Even at the door near of these events Are to be the main focus of Our Lives For Christ he and Sophie's Those who are constantly seeking to be Removed by a Rapture are revealing a Truth about themselves they fear Persecution They fear the possibility of pain Suffering and sorrow for the savior And by these words they offer little to No way of Escape They do not show the way to the cross Much less what one is to do when they Arrive there They are concerned only for themselves Oh Jesus come back soon is spoken by Those who fear S perhaps a heartfelt Desire by some Because of severe personal persecution But most I believe are simply afraid Afraid of what they are witnessing on Their television screens and computer Monitors The danger is nowhere near to them but Is only realized in their imaginations Philippians 1 21 is not a truth to them

For to me to lay this Christ and to die Is gain I look forward to that day in the clouds As much as any who have been crucified With Christ the day of our removal from This evil and wicked world and the Beginning of Eternity in the presence of The Lord But I would ask this question of you who Only put in the comments sections of Whatever social media site you visit Those words oh Jesus come back soon Why Why do you fear What are you afraid of Do you not know that all who would live Godly in Christ will suffer persecutions Are you not willing to suffer and even Die for his name if so called by him to Do so Why would you desire to escape so great And opportunity to witness for his glory We are to be the examples for not only Those who are alive today but those that Will be left behind after we are removed Is fear the example you want them to see [Music] [Music]

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