This Is What Happens When You’re TRULY Born Again

Another amazing example of overcoming Sin and putting past practices away for Good is seen in Ephesus in Acts chapter 19 Paul is seen performing Miracles and Casting out demons he is able to do this Because he genuinely follows Jesus Notice how people respond in Acts Chapter 19 verses 18 to 20. and many who Had believed came confessing and telling Their deeds also many of those who had Practiced magic brought their books Together and burned them in the side of All and they counted up the value of Them and totaled 50 000 pieces of silver So the word of the Lord grew mightily And prevailed these people were so Convicted of the truth they decided to Burn these books that discussed sinful Practices even though they were worth a Huge amount of money we can do the same Thing we can pray Lord I have seen in Your word how these people turn Completely from their old life of sin I Want to do the same please help me to Dispose of the things in my life that Are leading me to sin

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