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Come off of her now in Jesus name On that body now Now In my initial video about that Asbury Revival I warned people to be cautious About a supposed demon that was cast out During the Revival quoting first John Chapter 4 verse 1 which says beloved do Not believe every Spirit but test the Spirits whether they are of God because Many false prophets have gone out into The world in response to this I got a Comment from one of my viewers Karen 2021 Winters who wrote for whoever is Not against us is for us Mark chapter 9 Verse 40. the context of this verse is Jesus's disciples saw someone casting Out a demon in Jesus name and forbid Them then Jesus replied in Mark chapter 9 verses 39-40 saying do not forbid him For no one who works a miracle in my Name can soon afterward speak evil of me For he who is not against us is on our Side some of you in the comments quoted Mark chapter 9 verse 40 or Matthew Chapter 12 26 which says if Satan cast Out Satan he is divided against himself As an endorsement for the person casting Out the demon during the Asbury Revival If that's the case should we believe Everyone who claims to be able to cast Out demons that's what I'm going to be Talking about in this video but before I Do that I want to thank White Horse

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By the power of Jesus what power is it By it's by the power of Satan second Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 9 tells us The coming of the Lawless one is According to the working of Satan with All power signs and lying wonders so Even Satan has the ability to perform Miracles or counterfeit the miracles of God to some degree this next video clip Is a perfect example of that where are You going Huh Where are you going You don't want me to come to you Prophetess Dr Maddie natash she's got All the titles come In the name of Jesus Christ Come here in Jesus name the mighty name Of Jesus Jesus Did she just say rope of the Holy Ghost Do not waste my time Jesus name the name of Jesus Number one Three strikes and you're out I don't Remember Jesus doing that What was that obviously that was totally Fake now I do believe in casting out Demons because Jesus and the apostles Did it but there's also a lot of Charlatans out there claiming that they Are casting out demons in Jesus name When they're really not they could be Simply faking it or doing it by the

Power of Satan when I say by the power Of Satan I mean Satan only pretending to Cast out demons in order to deceive People obviously Satan is not going to Really be casting out demons that would Be contrary to his agenda but he will Use people like that Prophet lady to Pretend to cast them out in order to Deceive her audience to get them to Trust in her unbiblical Ministry and Teachings in the case of the Asbury Revival the lady who supposedly cast The Demon out of the possessed woman was Named Becky from a Ministry called the Supernatural life they have a YouTube Channel where a guy named Daniel Adams Who is their leader or founder or Something like that talks about it Here's the clip one of our leaders one Of our forerunners here at the Supernatural life was at the Revival When this happened and you can hear her In the video Screaming At this girl who was manifesting a demon And I believe you're going to hear the Demon scream as she's commanding this Demon to let the woman go Sh Thank you May have a little bias here because it's One of the forerunners that are shouting At this thing which man props to you Becky for doing that God bless you thank

You for being bold and being willing to Set somebody free now I'm just going to Come out and say it what we saw during The Demonic Deliverance at the Asbury Revival was a false Miracle how do I Know because of the teachings of the Supernatural Life Ministry God is not Going to give someone Supernatural Powers who is not consistent with Biblical teaching and if you go to the Statement of faith page on the Supernatural they have some Unbiblical teachings for example they're Teaching on baptism in the Holy Spirit States that the baptism of the holy Spirit is the power of the Holy Spirit Coming upon you empowering you to become A witness to the Nations so far so good One of the types of evidence of being Filled with the Holy Spirit is praying In a Heavenly language nope the Bible Never says that praying in a heavenly Language is evidence that you have Received for the Holy Spirit evidence That you have received the Holy Spirit Is the fruit of the spirit mentioned in Galatians chapter 5 verses 22-23 stating But the fruit of the spirit is love joy Peace long-suffering kindness goodness Faithfulness gentleness self-control Against such there is no law notice how It says nothing about praying in a Heavenly language here not to mention The Apostle Paul speaking of himself in

The third person in second Corinthians Chapter 12 verses 3 through 4 says and I Know such a man whether in the body or Out of the body I do not know God knows How he was caught up into paradise and Heard inexpressible Words which it is Not lawful for a man to utter the Apostle Paul heard some type of language Spoken in heaven but he said it is not Lawful for man to utter it in other Words whatever language which they speak In heaven God prohibits us from being Able to speak it back to the statement Of faith page in their teaching about Walking like a disciple and gifts for Every believer it says that every Believer should be using all the nine Gifts of the holy spirit walk in power And make disciples and every believer Has these gifts with different measures Prophecy service teaching encouragement Giving leadership acts of Mercy the Bible does not indicate that everyone Can have all of the gifts of the Spirit Quite the contrary First Corinthians Chapter 12 verses 7 through 11 states But the manifestation of the spirit is Given to each one for the prophet of all In other words we all receive the Holy Spirit but the Holy Spirit doesn't give Everyone the same gifts as we will see Right now 421 is given the word of Wisdom through the spirit to another the Word of knowledge through the Same

Spirit to another Faith by The Same Spirit to another Gifts of healings by The Same Spirit to another the working Of Miracles to another prophecy to Another Discerning of spirits to another Different kinds of tongues to another The interpretation of tongues but one And the Same Spirit works all these Things Distributing to each one Individually that means separately as he Wills not everyone has the gift of Prophecy or tongues or Miracles Etc and It's funny because the Bible verse on Their statement of faith page under Teaching for gifts for every believer is Romans chapter 12 verses 6 through 8 Which says having then gifts differing According to the grace that is given to Us that means God gives us different Gifts determined by his grace let us use Them if prophecy let us prophesy in Proportion to our faith or Ministry let Us use it in our ministry he who teaches In teaching he who exhorts in Exhortation He Who gives with liberality He who leads with diligence he who shows Mercy with cheerfulness not everyone is Meant to be a prophet or a teacher or a Leader not to mention I watched another Video on the supernatural life's channel Of Daniel supposedly casting a demon out Of a woman and it was totally bizarre Thank you He supposedly forces the demon out of

The woman's stomach by blowing on her Stomach and touching it with his Microphone I don't remember Jesus ever Doing anything like that and that's Another indication of a false demonic Delivery because it's not done using Jesus's method Matthew chapter 8 verse 16 says when evening had come they Brought to him many who were Demon-possessed and he cast out the Spirits with a word and healed all who Are sick all Jesus had to do was say the Word and the demons fled he didn't have To resort to Antics like blowing on People or drawing demons out of Particular body parts or using a holy Ghost rope what a circus show big thanks To everybody who supports my Channel With your prayers and donations your Support helps keep my channel going to Reach more people with the gospel if you Haven't donated already but you would Like to you can find links to my PayPal And patreon accounts in the video Description option if you don't like Using those platforms and would like a Bank account number to make a donation Feel free to email me at bibleflockbox and I'll provide you with one Not every demonic Deliverance is genuine Some are but it seems like the majority Of demons being cast out today are fake Or are being done by the power of Satan Satan has the ability to counterfeit

Miracles of god and he does so for the Purpose of deceiving people he wants to Deceive them to put their trust in a False Ministry or a false teacher so They will be misled and lost there was Some suspicious activity during the Asbury Revival like babbling in tongues And a supposed demon being cast out at The same time some people reported Experiencing conversion so what was the True Spirit behind the Asbury Revival Find out by clicking on the screen to Watch my video entitled the spirit Behind the Asbury Revival if you enjoyed This video please like it and share it To help spread God's word thank you for Watching and God bless you

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