The Letter

[Music] If he have wrongly or our field put that On my account [Music] Caretaker caretaker attend to me yes Lord on this table this morning there Was an amulet and a bag of gold for the Journey that I am preparing to take and Now they are missing what do you know This I cannot see Lord I have been Making ready for your journey with Others in the house and stables and have Not entered this room since before the Sun rose upon the day Go and count those who abide in my house Gather them to yourself and see if any Are missing from Among Us Thank you I have done as you asked sire and have Accounted for all that live under your Care except for one only assignments There is nothing that surprises the most High God Nothing occurs that he does not know About in fact is always known about the Question of how much of man’s daily Actions he influences will always remain A question for us but we welcome it Every time he does A man’s heart diviseth his way But the Lord directeth his steps Proverbs 16 9 does not mean that we are Simply actors on a stage whose every Breath and thought has been

Predetermined For we have been blessed with free will Sovereignty of God and a free will of Man can never be reconciled in our Finite Minds Own is a mass apparently took something From his master’s house and then ran Away met Paul where he went to and was By the grace of God saved salvation came To him as it does for most of us Totally unexpected We are not told why Paul thought it best For him to return back to the place Where he had committed the crime Carrying with him the letterhead would Be blessed to find its way until holy Word of God Book of Philemon the world called that Luck chance and coincidence we call it The Providence of God I would ask you to Look at the verse that follows our Opening verse in this short video I Paul Have written it with my known hand I Will repay it albeit I do not say to Thee how the oest unto me even my known Self besides Paul was doing something That he rarely did reminding this man That only is a nice had stolen from that It was the Lord Jesus Christ that had Sent him to him That it was either had brought the good News of the Salvation of the Lord that He now stood in blue was it that brought You to the cross

Who was it that the Lord sent to you That brought the good news of the Gospels to your attention that showed You the salvation of God through faith In Jesus Christ ask yourself this but You are that person That is what Paul was saying in that one Verse a light he remind him Philemon That while it was indeed the holy spirit That convicted his soul As it was Grace through faith that saved Him from the wrath of God it was Paul That brought the message to him There was no pride in those words no Commandment that must be obeyed no Mandate or obligation simply a reminder Heal the sake cleanse the lepers raise The Dead cast out Devils freely ye have Received freely give [Music] The message does not come from us it Comes through us we have nothing within Ourselves that can draw anyone to the Cross only the Holy Spirit can convict The heart of a man That long walk back home So to speak for only the mass must have Been strenuous to say the least For to go and ask forgive this solely on The merits of a letter and a profession Of faith in Jesus Christ only days old Will have placed in his mind in many Possibilities One can only imagine the look on his

Face when Paul said to him you must go Back and confess your fault During the Jade back that letter in his Pocket was the most prized possession That he had ever received A debt of sin that you always paid and Fall by the Lord Jesus Christ nothing Towards your salvation that you could Offer to God would be accepted our Salvation rests completely on the work Of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross This shed blood page or didn’t fall That is in this sense that letter in Your pocket as the one in Christian’s Pocket was as he journeyed to the Celestial Kingdom my grace through faith Is the only way that any of us can ever Be forgiven [Applause] Come now and let us reason together save The Lord through your sins be a Scarlet They shall be as white as snow though They’d be red like Crimson they shall be As War We are on that path on my friends that I Will not fall from your pocket you will Rise safely home you have been forgiving Even before you arrive here Oh nizamas did not know that We do Our steps are being directed Foreign Foreign [Music]


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