The Final Curtain

[Music] Thank you Let's call this a reversal before the Big Show finally begins shall we just a Little talk between you and me and the Plans I have for this world once you are Removed from it Yes I am well aware of the rapture and Just like you No specific time or date has been Revealed to me But that does not mean that certain Items should not be prepared before the Inevitable happens Shouldn't Many of you started to realize these Things only three years or so ago when You are frightened into wearing those Ridiculous masks when you rolled your Sleeves up to receive the supposed Life-saving injection When you saw the doors of your churches Locked out of fear while saying better Safe than sorry As I have said many times Skin foresee All that a man hath will he give for his Life And so many of you prove me right once Again You are also predictable No My friends This little Opera started long before

That particular fear came upon you It was just somewhat easier to create a Diversion while other items were going On in the background Items many of you missed while you were Waiting in line for your booster shots One does not devise a plan and begin it The next day many centuries of careful Thought and Analysis have gone into the Days that are approaching and as soon as You're removed from the scene as soon as My entrance into the kingdom of him who Sits on the throne eternity is no longer Available to me The show will begin and what a Performance it will be My faithful servant Jew sits on the Seven Hills will call Those one billion plus souls to a sign They will all do as they have been Commanded to do as they have always been Deceived into believing what is the way To heaven The work system they're being told to Obey Little do they know that it is I who Control them and we will just lay it That way for now She was serve for purpose for three and A half years and then be done away Those of you who have desired to see The Cult of Roman isn't destroyed with Finally have your desires fulfilled The charismatics oh those wonderfully

Beguiled individuals who believe their Faith is proven by their feelings will Join us in this little operator led by The misguide emotions as they always Have been for over 100 years they have Sought for the almighty with their Feelings the revivals their emotions Yes they will also see what I have to Offer and will accept it gladly As will all who are unlike those who Have been shown the truth Of the cross that I despise so much But those who would be most willing to Receive my mark would be those who love This world above all other things save For their own skin of course and the World is what I will offer them Everything their hearts desire will be Available to them As long as they remain obedient as long As they remember who is in charge and Most women Oh we will lose a few billion here and Then but there will still be plenty left To worship And worship me they were Safe of course for the elect that I have Great plans for them as well you did not Think that I had not prepared for these Days long ago did you How long do you suppose it takes to Manufacture the million or modular teams The medical advances many of which have Fallen prey too if not in the newest

Vaccine to Abate the fear you felt then In the abatement of the fear of pain of The lengthening of your lives Or belong to me It has always intrigued me this desire For just one more day Just one more hour of life especially From those of you claim to serve the Most high yes indeed skin for skin One of the closest statements to the Truth I have ever made Technology The technology of this world belongs to Me as well and I will use every bit of It to my advantage I can track your every movement your Every purchase I can almost read your thoughts from the Items you purchase from what you watch On your television and computer screens Yes many of you are no more than brute Beasts LED so easily to my desired ends And your fear yes that is just as easily Manipulated by me You fear the lack of food of water of The ability to purchase those items that Not only ensure your existence But your enjoyment is The fear of loss is quite a motivator is It not What will you do when Philippians 4 19 Seems to be a hollow promise What will you do when he stops providing

Those things you want Those things that you've come to expect Over years those ones you have Determined to call a need Why many of you are come running to me And I'll be more than happy to offer you All that you need as long as you do what I say Yes you keep showing up every Sunday Morning to that building with a cross in It somewhere and then walk out those Doors and hour or so later right back Into my world and it is my pleasure to Offer you all that you desire He knows who belongs to him and so do I Do you not think that I cannot see the Holy spirit inside of those that he has Chosen for himself Of course I can but it is not necessary For me to pay that much tension to most Of you There are far fewer of you than you Might like to admit to yourself But nevertheless soon enough you'll be Gone and all my preparations will come Into me My final great work will begin Every single one of you that be Almighty Has chosen for himself I have noticed And as much as I am allowed to to those Of you who have indeed crucified Yourselves with him who truly say within Your heart not my will but I will be Done

I will reach into your lives and cause As much doubt as much pain and as much Suffering that I am allowed to Anything that can be done to hinder his Work I will do So then now as the curtain closes and is Prepared to be open for the final time I will leave the majority of you to Continue in your search for the next new Sign The next and newest portent of Doom that Will announce his arrival And that is just fine with me it keeps You from doing what it is you are being Commanded to do Search for lost amongst the wicked Until the moment of his arrival in the Clans I would be watching you and if it is Allowed paying you a visit Prepare yourselves accordingly The show is about to begin [Music] Laughs [Music]

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