The Crucial Step Required Before Rebuilding the Third Temple

The Third Temple holds immense spiritual and historical significance, not just for religious communities but for the world at large. However, before embarking on the ambitious task of rebuilding it, there is a crucial step that must be taken. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of this preliminary action and its impact on the successful reconstruction of the Third Temple. So, join us as we delve into the path that paves the way for this monumental endeavor.

The Crucial Step Required Before Rebuilding the Third Temple


The rebuilding of the Third Temple holds immense significance for the Jewish community as it embodies the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies. However, there is a crucial step that needs to be taken before this grand project can become a reality. In this article, we will dive into the complexities surrounding the rebuilding of the Third Temple and explore the challenges that need to be overcome.

The Temple Mount and its Current Control

The coveted location for the Third Temple is none other than the Temple Mount, a site of paramount importance for Jews. However, at present, the Temple Mount is under Islamic control, posing a substantial obstacle to the construction of the Third Temple. The Islamic authorities, known as the Waqf, hold administrative power over the site, making any alterations or new construction subject to their approval.

Restriction of Non-Jews from the Temple Mount

Adding to the complications, non-Jews are strictly prohibited from praying or holding religious services on the Temple Mount. This regulation reflects the current Israeli law, which enforces the prohibition of non-Jews participating in religious activities at the holy site. Such restrictions present a significant barrier to the realization of the Third Temple’s construction.

The Daunting Challenge of Overcoming Islamic Control

For the Third Temple to be erected, one of two scenarios must occur: either the Islamic authorities would need to relinquish their control over the Temple Mount, or the iconic Dome of the Rock would need to be demolished. However, it is highly unlikely that the Dome of the Rock, a significant Islamic shrine, will be demolished. Moreover, the Islamic authorities are deeply committed to maintaining their governance and influence over the Temple Mount.

The Third Temple: Establishing the Highest Mountain

The construction of the Third Temple would signify the establishment of the highest mountain in the last days. According to biblical prophecies, this temple would become a center of worship and a focal point for people from all over the world. The Third Temple would attract believers and curious individuals alike, all drawn to witness this monumental symbol of faith and prophecy.

Anticipating the Stream of People

With the reconstruction of the Third Temple, interesting questions arise. How many people are expected to stream to this sacred site? Will the impact on tourism and global interest be significant? While it is difficult to predict exact numbers, it is safe to assume that a multitude of individuals will flock to witness the realization of ancient prophecies. The Third Temple has the potential to become a remarkable attraction, drawing crowds from all corners of the globe.


Rebuilding the Third Temple is a cherished aspiration for the Jewish community and holds immense religious and symbolic importance. However, the challenge lies in the crucial step that needs to be taken before construction can begin – either the relinquishment of Islamic control or the unlikely demolition of the Dome of the Rock. Regardless of the obstacles, the anticipation of the Third Temple remains fervent, and its potential impact on both believers and global visitors is undeniable. As time unfolds, only then will we witness if this monumental project comes to fruition.

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