The Book of Psalms Chapter 36 – Experience the Contemporary English Version (CEV) through this Audio Bible Blog Post

Welcome to our blog post where we invite you to dive into the captivating world of the Book of Psalms Chapter 36. In this enlightening journey, we will explore the profound verses of this ancient biblical text and experience it in a contemporary context through the use of the Contemporary English Version (CEV). Through the power of audio narration, we will delve into the timeless wisdom and spiritual insights this chapter has to offer. Join us as we embark on this remarkable adventure and allow your soul to be uplifted by the transformative words of Psalms Chapter 36 in the CEV Audio Bible.

The Book of Psalms Chapter 36 – Experience the Contemporary English Version (CEV) through this Audio Bible Blog Post


In this article, we will explore Psalm 36 from the Book of Psalms, as written by David, the Lord’s servant. This particular chapter delves into the themes of human sin and God’s goodness. Through the lens of the Contemporary English Version (CEV) and the use of various writing techniques, we will bring this ancient scripture to life in a contemporary and engaging manner.

Sinners disregard God and focus on their sins

The opening verses of Psalm 36 paint a vivid picture of the mindset of sinners. They disregard God and instead focus on their own sins. They do not fear God, nor do they acknowledge His authority in their lives. This self-centered attitude blinds them to their own wrongdoing, as they rationalize and justify their actions, shielding themselves from any sense of remorse or accountability.

They are self-centered and blind to their own wrongdoing

Sinners, as depicted in Psalm 36, are deeply self-centered. They prioritize their desires and their sinful ways over everything else, including the well-being of others. This egocentric approach leads them to turn a blind eye to their own wrongdoing, refusing to see the hurt they cause or the damage they inflict upon themselves and those around them.

They engage in deception and have no sense of righteousness

Not only do sinners disregard the consequences of their actions, but they also engage in deception. Psalm 36 reveals that they devise wicked plans, plotting mischief and harm. They manipulate others with their deceitful words and actions, showing no regard for the principles of honesty and righteousness. This lack of integrity further deepens their separation from God’s grace.

They plot mischief and follow the wrong path

In their rebellion against God, sinners actively plot mischief. They intentionally choose the wrong path, seeking to satisfy their own desires at any cost. Their actions are guided by greed, envy, and a disregard for the wellbeing of others. Psalm 36 serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of straying from the path of righteousness and warns us of the dangers of following in the footsteps of sinners.

God’s love is faithful and dependable like the clouds and mountains

Amidst the chaos and sin described in the earlier verses, Psalm 36 offers a ray of hope. It reminds us that God’s love is unwavering, faithful, and dependable. Comparing it to the steadfastness of clouds and mountains, this scripture reassures us that God’s love will never fail us, even when we feel overwhelmed by the darkness of the world.

Everyone finds shelter and nourishment in God’s love and protection

Continuing on the theme of God’s love, Psalm 36 emphasizes that everyone finds shelter and nourishment in His love and protection. From the smallest creatures to mankind, we are all beneficiaries of His grace. This message conveys a powerful sense of unity and inclusivity, reminding us that God’s love extends to all, regardless of social status, wealth, or worldly achievements.


In conclusion, exploring Psalm 36 through a contemporary lens brings to light the universal struggles of human sin and the enduring goodness of God. This chapter serves as a reminder that despite the self-centeredness and deception prevalent in the world, God’s love remains steadfast and reliable. It offers us hope and comfort in knowing that we can find shelter and nourishment in His love and protection. Let us take these timeless lessons to heart as we navigate the complexities of life, seeking to align ourselves with God’s righteousness.

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