The Book of Psalms Chapter 12: Experience the Contemporary English Version (CEV) with this Audio Bible

Welcome to our blog post where we delve into the timeless and captivating world of the Book of Psalms, specifically focusing on Chapter 12. In this particular journey, we will explore the experience of immersing ourselves in the Contemporary English Version (CEV) of this profound scripture through the medium of an audio Bible. Join us as we embark on a mesmerizing adventure, blending the power of ancient wisdom with the accessibility of modern technology. Let’s uncover the beauty and significance found within the verses of Psalms Chapter 12, as we engage our senses and let the spoken word come alive in our hearts.


The Book of Psalms is a collection of religious songs and poems that holds immense significance for believers around the world. One such chapter is Psalm 12, written by the legendary King David. In this prayer for help, David laments the disappearance of faithful and loyal people, the prevalence of lies and insincerity, and seeks divine intervention to silence those who flatter with deceitful tongues. Throughout the chapter, God promises to take action and rescue those who suffer, showcasing his faithfulness and protection towards the faithful.

Heading 1: All Faithful and Loyal People Have Disappeared

Sub-heading 1.1: The Dearth of True Loyalty

David begins Psalm 12 by emphasizing the scarcity of faithful and loyal individuals. In a world tainted by deceit and insincerity, David mourns the loss of people who can be trusted without hesitation. He longs for the company of those who are committed to their word and display unwavering loyalty towards their friends and loved ones.

Sub-heading 1.2: The Vanishing Trustworthiness

David further expands on the absence of trustworthy people. He bemoans the fact that everyone seems to tell lies and lack sincerity, making it difficult to discern truth from falsehood. Amidst the treacherous society of his time, David yearns for the revival of trustworthy individuals who will stand firm against the tide of deception.

Heading 2: Request to Stop the Flattering Tongues

Sub-heading 2.1: The Power of Words

Recognizing the destructive power of words, David implores God to intervene and silence those whose flattery serves only to deceive and manipulate. He understands the danger posed by their silver tongues and implores God to bring an end to their misleading ways.

Sub-heading 2.2: The Desire for Authenticity

David desires authenticity and longs for a world where individuals speak the truth without hidden motives or duplicitous intentions. He seeks a society where words are genuine reflections of one’s thoughts and not mere tools for personal gain.

Heading 3: God Promises to Take Action

Sub-heading 3.1: God’s Response to Cries for Help

In response to David’s plea for help, God promises to take action. He assures David that he has heard his cry and will silence the deceitful tongues that plague the righteous. This reassurance reveals God’s attentive nature and his willingness to intercede in times of distress.

Heading 4: The Poor Are Mistreated and Helpless

Sub-heading 4.1: The Plight of the Less Fortunate

David acknowledges the mistreatment and helplessness experienced by the poor and vulnerable members of society. He sympathizes with their struggle and recognizes the urgency in seeking divine intervention to protect and provide for them.

Heading 5: God Will Rescue Those Who Suffer

Sub-heading 5.1: God’s Deliverance

Despite the prevailing darkness and injustice, David’s faith remains unshaken as he believes in God’s ability to rescue those who suffer. He looks forward to the day when God will hold the oppressors accountable and bring salvation to those in need.

Heading 6: God is True to His Promises and Protects the Faithful from the Wicked

Sub-heading 6.1: The Trustworthiness of God

David concludes Psalm 12 by affirming his faith in God’s faithfulness. He highlights God’s commitment to protect the faithful from the wicked and promises that his words can be trusted unconditionally. David takes solace in knowing that the righteous will be shielded from harm and that God’s justice will prevail.


Psalm 12 resonates with believers today, offering solace in a world plagued by deception and insincerity. David’s heartfelt prayer encapsulates the longing for trustworthy companions and the desire for God to silence those who use flattery as a weapon. Moreover, it highlights God’s unwavering commitment to rescue the suffering and protect the faithful from the wicked. Through Psalm 12, believers can find hope in God’s promises and experience the power of divine intervention in their lives.

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