The Book of Nehemiah Chapter 7 – New King James Version (NKJV) – Audio Bible

Chapter 7. Then it was when the wall was built and I had hung the doors when The Gatekeepers the singers and the Levites Had been appointed that I gave the Charge of Jerusalem to my brother Hernani and hananaya the leader of the Citadel For he was a faithful man and feared God More than many And I said to them Do not let the Gates of Jerusalem be Opened until the Sun is hot And while they stand guard let them shut And bar the doors And appoint guards from among the Inhabitants of Jerusalem one at his Watch station and another in front of His own house Now the city was large and spacious but The people in it were few and the houses Were not rebuilt Then my God put it into my heart to Gather the Nobles the rulers and the People that they might be registered by Genealogy And I found a register of the genealogy Of those who had come up in the first Return And found written in it These are the people of the province who Came back from the Captivity of those Who had been carried away whom never Could Nazar the king of Babylon had

Carried away And who returned to Jerusalem and Judah Everyone to his City Those who came with zerubbabel were Jeshua Nehemiah Azariah Raya Maya Neha Menai Mordecai bilshan Miss pirith big VI niham and bayona The number of the men of the people of Israel The sons of perosh 2172 The sons of Chef attire 372. The sons of Ara 652. The sons of pahath Moab of the sons of Jeshua and joab 2818. The sons of Elam 1254. The sons of zatu 845. The sons of zakai 760. The sons of benue 648. The sons of bibai 628. The sons of Asgard 2322. The sons of adanakam 667. The sons of bigvai 2067. The sons of Aden 655. The sons of ETA of Hezekiah 98. The sons of Hashem 328. The sons of bisai 324. The sons of harith 112. The sons of gibeon 95. The men of Bethlehem and nitopha 188 The men of anathoth 128. The men of Beth asmovath 42. The men of kijeth jirim kifira and

Biroth 743. The men of Rhema and giba 621. The men of mikmas 122. The men of Bethel and AI 123. The men of the other Nebo 52 The sons of the other Elam 1254. The sons of harim 320. The sons of Jericho 345. The sons of Lord Hadid and Ono 721. The sons of sunea 3930. The priests The sons of Judea of the house of jeshua 973. The sons of Emma 1052. The sons of Pasha 1247. The sons of harim 1017. The Levites The sons of jeshua of cadmill and of the Sons of hodiva 74. The singers the sons of asaph 148. The Gatekeepers the sons of Shalom the Sons of ETA the sons of Talman the sons Of aqab the sons of her Tita the sons of Shobhai 138 The nephonym The sons of ziha the sons of hasufa the Sons of tabayoth the sons of Kiros the Sons of sire the sons of Paden the sons Of lebena the sons of hagaba the sons of Salmai the sons of Hanan the sons of Giddle the sons of geha the sons of Riya The sons of reason the sons of nikoda The sons of gazam the sons of azer the

Sons of Persia the sons of bisai the Sons of miyunim the sons of nepheishasim The sons of bakbook the sons of hakufa The sons of haha the sons of basilith The sons of mihaida the sons of hasha The sons of barcos the sons of cicera The sons of Tama the sons of niziah and The sons of hataifa The sons of Solomon's servants The sons of sotai the sons of suffereth The sons of pirida the sons of jaela the Sons of darkan the sons of giddle the Sons of shepher Tire the sons of hatel The sons of pokarith of zebayim and the Sons of Ammon All the nephonym and the sons of Solomon's servants were 392. And these were the ones who came up from Tell Mila telhasha carob Aden and Emma But they could not identify their Father's house nor their lineage whether They were of Israel The sons of delaya the sons of tobiah The sons of nakota 642. And of the priests the sons of habaya The sons of cos the sons of basilai who Took a wife of the daughters of basilai The gileadite and was called by their Name These sought their listing among those Who were registered by genealogy but it Was not found Therefore they were excluded from the

Priesthood as defiled And the governor said to them that they Should not eat of the most holy things Till a priest could consult with the Urim and thumim Altogether the whole assembly was 42 360. besides their male and female Servants of whom there were 7 337. And they had 245 men and women singers Their horses were 736 their mules 245 Their camels 435 and donkeys 6720. And some of the heads of the father's Houses gave to the work The governor gave to the treasury 1000 Gold drachmas 50 basins and 530 Priestly Garments Some of the heads of the father's houses Gave to the treasury of the work twenty Thousand gold drachmas and 2200 silver Miners And that which the rest of the people Gave was twenty thousand gold drachmas 2000 Silver Miners and 67 Priestly Garments So the priests the Levites The Gatekeepers the singers some of the People the nephonym and all Israel dwelt In their cities When the seventh month came the children Of Israel were in their cities

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