The Book of Job Chapter 6 – New King James Version (NKJV) – Audio Bible

Chapter 6. Then job answered and said Oh that my grief were fully weighed and My Calamity laid with it on the scales For then it would be heavier than the Sand of the sea Therefore my words have been rash For the arrows of the almighty are Within me My spirit drinks in their poison The Terrors of God are arrayed against Me Does the wild donkey Bray when it has Grass or does the ox low over its fodder Can flavorless food be eaten without Salt Or is there any taste in the white of an Egg My soul refuses to touch them They are as loathsome food to me Oh that I might have my request That God would grant me the thing that I Long for That it would please God to crush me That he would loose his hand and cut me Off Then I would still have comfort Though in anguish I would exalt He will not spare For I have not concealed the words of The Holy One What strength do I have that I should Hope And what is my end that I should prolong

My life Is my strength the strength of stones Or is my flesh bronze Is my help not within me And his success driven from me To him who is Afflicted kindness should Be shown by his friend Even though he forsakes the fear of the Almighty My brothers have dealt deceitfully like A brook Like the streams of the Brooks that pass Away which are dark because of the ice And into which the snow vanishes When it is warm they cease to flow when It is hot they vanish from their place The paths of their way turn aside they Go nowhere and perish The Caravans of tema look The Travelers Of Sheba hope for them They are disappointed because they were Confident They come there and are confused For now you are nothing You see Terror and are afraid Did I ever say bring something to me or Offer a bribe for me from your wealth Or deliver me from the enemy's hand or Redeem Me from the hand of oppressors Teach me and I will hold my tongue Cause me to understand wherein I have Heard How forceful are right words But what does your arguing prove

Do you intend to rebuke my words and the Speeches of a desperate one which are as Wind Yes you overwhelm the fatherless And you undermine your friend Now therefore be pleased to look at me For I would never lie to your face Yield now let there be no Injustice Yes concede my righteousness still Stands Is there Injustice on my tongue Cannot my taste discern the unsavory

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