The Book of Ezra Chapter 8 – New King James Version (NKJV) – Audio Bible

Chapter 8. These are the heads of their father's Houses and this is the genealogy of Those who went up with me from Babylon In the reign of King Arthur Xerxes Of the sons of finnohus gershom Of the sons of ithama Daniel Of the sons of David hattush Of the sons of Shekinah of the sons of Perosh Zechariah And registered with him were 150 males Of the sons of pahaf Moab Eliah the son of zarahaya and with him 200 males Of the sons of Shekinah Benjahaziel and with him 300 males Of the sons of Aden eBid the son of Jonathan and with him 50 males Of the sons of Elam jishaya the son of Athalia and with him 70 males Of the sons of Chef attire zebediah the Son of Mikhail and with him 80 males Of the sons of joab Obadiah the son of Jihail and with him 218 males Of the sons of shalomith Ben josephia And with him 160 males Of the sons of Bibi Zechariah the son of Bibi and with him 28 males Of the sons of Asgard johanan the son of Hakatan and with him 110 males Of the last sons of adonakum whose names Are these ileth ji isil and shimaya and With them 60 males Also of the sons of bigvai youthi and

Zabud and with them seventy males Now I gathered them by the river that Flows to a Hava and we camped there Three days And I looked among the people and the Priests and found none of the sons of Levi there Then I sent for elieza Ariel shimaya El Nathan jarib El Nathan Nathan Zechariah And mishulam leaders Also for Joya rib and El Nathan men of Understanding And I gave them a command for Ido the Chief man at the place casipia and I Told them what they should say to Ido And his Brethren the nephonym of the Place khasifia That they should bring us servants for The house of our God Then by the good hand of our God upon us They brought us a man of understanding Of the sons of Malai the son of Levi the Son of Israel Namely sharabaya with his sons and Brothers 18 men And hashabaya and with him jishaya of The sons of murari his brothers and Their sons 20 men Also of the nephonym whom David and the Leaders had appointed for the service of The Levites 220 nephonym All of them were designated by name Then I proclaimed a fast there at the River of a Hava that we might humble

Ourselves before our God to seek from Him the right way for us and our little Ones and all our possessions For I was ashamed to request of the king An escort of soldiers and Horsemen to Help us against the enemy on the road Because we had spoken to the king saying The hand of our God is upon all those For good who seek him But his power and his wrath are against All those who forsake Him So we fasted and entreated our God for This and he answered our prayer And I separated 12 of the leaders of the Priests Sharabaya hashabaya and 10 of their Brethren with them and weighed out to Them the silver the gold and the Articles the offering for the house of Our God which the king and his Counselors and his princes and all Israel who were present had offered I weighed into their hand 650 talents of silver Articles weighing 100 talents 100 Talents of gold 20 gold basins worth a Thousand drachmas and two vessels of Fine polished bronze precious as gold And I said to them You Are Holy to the Lord The articles are holy also and the Silver and the gold are a free will Offering to the Lord God of your fathers Watch and keep them until you weigh them

Before the leaders of the priests and The Levites and heads of the father's Houses of Israel in Jerusalem In the chambers of the house of the Lord So the priests and the Levites received The silver and the gold and the articles By weight to bring them to Jerusalem to The house of our God Then we departed from the river of a Hava on the 12th day of the first month To go to Jerusalem And the Hand of our God was upon us and He delivered us from the hand of the Enemy and from Ambush along the road So we came to Jerusalem and stayed there Three days Now on the fourth day the silver and the Gold and the Articles were weighed in The house of Our God by the hand of Merimoth the son of Uriah the priest And with him was Eliezer the son of Phinehus With them were the Levites Joseph add The son of Joshua and Noah Dyer the son Of benue with the number and weight of Everything All the weight was written down at that Time The children of those who had been Carried away captive who had come from The Captivity Offered burnt offerings to the god of Israel 12 bulls for all Israel 96 Rams 77 lambs

And 12 male goats as a sin offering All this was a burnt offering to the Lord And they delivered the king's orders to The King's satraps and the governors in The region beyond the river So they gave support to the people and The house of God

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