The Book of Ezra Chapter 2 – New King James Version (NKJV) – Audio Bible

Chapter 2. Now these are the people of the province Who came back from the Captivity Of those who had been carried away whom Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon had Carried away to Babylon and who returned To Jerusalem and Judah everyone to his Own City Those who came with zerubbabel Were jeshua Nehemiah Syria Leia Mordecai bilshan mispah big VI Reham and bayona The number of the men of the people of Israel The people of payrosh 2172 The people of shefattaya 372. The people of Ara 775. The people of pay hath Moab Of the people of jeshua and joab 2812. The people of Elam 1254 The people of zatu 945 The people of zakai 760. The people of Beni 642. The people of bibai 623. The people of Asgard 1222 The people of adanikum 666. The people of bigvai 2056. The people of Aden 454. The people of ATA of Hezekiah 98. The people of bisai 323. The people of Jorah 112. The people of Haitian 223 The people of gibber 95.

The people of Bethlehem 123. The men of nitofa 56. The men of anathoth 128. The people of azmoveth 42. The people of kirjat arim kefira and Biroth 743. The people of Rhema and giba 621 The men of mikmas 122. The men of Bethel and AI 223 The people of Nebo 52. The people of magbish 156. The people of the other Elam 1254. The people of harim 320. The people of Lord Hadid and Ono 725. The people of Jericho 345. The people of Sanaya 3630. The priests the sons of Judea of the House of jeshua 973 The sons of Emma 1052. The sons of Pasha 1247. The sons of harim 1017. The Levites The sons of jeshua and cadmill of the Sons of hodavaya 74. The singers The sons of asaph 128. the sons of The Gatekeepers The sons of Shalom the sons of ADA the Sons of Talman the sons of aqab The sons of hataita and the sons of Shobai 139 in all The nephonym The sons of ziha the sons of hashufa the

Sons of tabayoth the sons of Kiros the Sons of sayah the sons of Paden the sons Of libina the sons of hagaba the sons of Akab the sons of hagab the sons of Chalmay the sons of Hainan the sons of Giddle the sons of geha the sons of Riya The sons of reason the sons of nikoda The sons of gazam the sons of azer the Sons of Persia the sons of bisai the Sons of Asana the sons of myunim the Sons of nephusim the sons of bakbak the Sons of hakufa the sons of haha the sons Of basilath the sons of mihaida the sons Of Harsha the sons of barcos the sons of Cicera the sons of Tama the sons of Niziah and the sons of hataifa The sons of Solomon's servants The sons of sotai the sons of suffereth The sons of peruda the sons of jaela the Sons of Darkon the sons of giddle the Sons of Chef attire the sons of huttle The sons of pokarith of zebayim and the Sons of Amai All the nathanim and the children of Solomon servants were 392. And these were the ones who came up from Telmila telhasha kerub Aden and Emma But they could not identify their Father's house or their genealogy Whether they were of Israel The sons of delaya the sons of tobiah And the sons of nikoda 652. And of the sons of the priests

The sons of habea the sons of cos and The sons of basilai who took a wife of The daughters of basilai the gileadite And was called by their name These sought their listing among those Who were registered by genealogy but They were not found Therefore they were excluded from the Priesthood as defiled And the governor said to them that they Should not eat of the most holy things Till a priest could consult with the Urim and thumb him The whole assembly together was 42 360. besides their male and female Servants of whom there were 7 337. And they had 200 men and women singers Their horses were 736 their mules 245 Their camels 435 and their donkeys 6720. Some of the heads of the father's houses When they came to the house of the Lord Which is in Jerusalem offered freely for The house of God to erect it in its Place According to their ability they gave to The treasury for the work 61 000 gold Drachmas five thousand miners of silver And 100 Priestly garments So the priests and the Levites some of The people the singers The Gatekeepers And the nephonym dwelt in their cities And all Israel in their cities

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