The Book of Ezra Chapter 10 – New King James Version (NKJV) – Audio Bible

Chapter 10. Now while Ezra was praying and while he Was confessing weeping and bowing down Before the house of God A very large assembly of men women and Children gathered to him from Israel For the people wept very bitterly And Shekinah the son of jihail one of The sons of Elam Spoke up and said to Ezra We have trespassed against our God and Have taken Pagan wives from the peoples Of the land Yet now there is hope in Israel in spite Of this Now therefore let us make a covenant With our God to put away all these wives And those who have been born to them According to the advice of my master And of those who tremble at the Commandment of our God And let it be done according to the law Arise for this matter is your Responsibility We also are with you Be of good courage and do it Then Ezra arose and made the leaders of The priests the Levites and all Israel Swear an oath that they would do According to this word So they swore an oath Then Ezra rose up from before the house Of God and went into the Chamber of Jehohanan the son of Elijah

And when he came there he ate no bread And drank no water For he mourned because of the guilt of Those from the Captivity And they issued a proclamation Throughout Judah and Jerusalem to all The descendants of the Captivity that They must gather at Jerusalem And that whoever would not come within Three days according to the instructions Of the leaders and elders All his property would be confiscated And he himself would be separated from The Assembly of those from the Captivity So all the men of Judah and Benjamin Gathered at Jerusalem within three days It was the ninth month on the 20th of The month And all the people sat in the open Square of the house of God trembling Because of this matter and because of Heavy rain Then Ezra the priest stood up and said To them You have transgressed and have taken Pagan wives adding to the guilt of Israel Now therefore make confession to the Lord God of your fathers and do his will Separate yourselves from the peoples of The land and from the Pagan wives Then all the assembly answered and said With a loud voice Yes

As you have said so we must do But there are many people it is the Season for heavy rain and we are not Able to stand outside Nor is this the work of one or two days For there are many of us who have Transgressed in this matter Please let the leaders of our entire Assembly stand And let all those in our cities who have Taken Pagan Wives come at appointed Times together with the elders and Judges of their cities Until the fierce Wrath of our God is Turned away from us in this matter Only Jonathan the son of assahil and Jehaziah the son of Tikvah opposed this Levite gave them support Then the descendants of the Captivity Did so And Ezra the priest with certain heads Of the father's households were set Apart by the father's households each of Them by name And they sat down on the first day of The tenth month to examine the matter By the first day of the first month they Finished questioning all the men who had Taken Pagan wives And among the sons of the priests who Had taken Pagan wives the following were Found of the sons of jeshua the son of Jozidak and his brothers Measia

Elieza jarib and get Alaya And they gave their promise that they Would put away their wives And being guilty they presented a ram of The flock as their trespass offering Also of the sons of Emma hanani and Zebediah Of the sons of harim mayasia Elijah Shimaya jihail and Isaiah Of the sons of Pasha elioini mayasia Ishmael Nathaniel josebad and Elisa Also of the Levites josebad Shimiai kileya the same is killida Tether higher Judah and elieza Also of the singers Elijah And of The Gatekeepers shalom Tilim and URI And others of Israel Of the sons of parash Ramaya jiziah malkia Min elieza malkaja And binaya Of the sons of Elam Matanaya Zechariah jehail abdai jeremoth And Elia Of the sons of zatu elioini eliasib Matanaya Jeremoth zabad and Aziza Of the sons of bibai Jihohenan hananaya zabai and athlai Of the sons of benai michelam Malik Adair Jason And ramoth Of the sons of pay hath Moab foreign Of the sons of harim Eliza ishija

Malkaja Shimaya Shimian Benjamin Malik and shemaraya Of the sons of Hashem matani Matata Jeremiah manasa and shimiai Of the sons of Beni mayodai amram yule Binaya Keller vinaya merimoth Elijah matanaya Matanai jayasai benai benui And Joseph Of the sons of Nebo Gile matter fire zabad zabina Jedi Joel And binaya All these had taken Pagan wives and some Of them had wives by whom they had Children

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