The Book of Ezekiel Chapter 5 – New King James Version (NKJV) – Audio Bible

Chapter 5. And you son of man take a sharp sword Take it as a Barber's razor and pass it Over your head and your beard Then take scales to weigh and divide the Hair You shall burn with fire one third in The midst of the city when the days of The Siege are finished Then you shall take one third and strike Around it with the sword And one-third you shall scatter in the Wind I will draw out a sword after them You shall also take a small number of Them and bind them in the edge of your Garment Then take some of them again and throw Them into the midst of the fire and burn Them in the fire From there a fire will go out into all The house of Israel Thus says the Lord God This is Jerusalem I have set her in the midst of the Nations and the countries all around her She has rebelled against my judgments by Doing wickedness more than the Nations And against my statutes more than the Countries that are all around her For they have refused my judgments and They have not walked in my statutes Therefore thus says the Lord God Because you have multiplied Disobedience

More than the Nations that are all Around you have not walked in my Statutes nor kept my judgments Nor even done according to the judgments Of the Nations that are all around you Therefore thus says the Lord God Indeed I even I am against you and will Execute judgments in your midst in the Sight of the Nations And I will do among you what I have Never done And the like of which I will never do Again because of all your Abominations Therefore fathers shall eat their sons In your midst and Sons shall eat their Fathers And I will execute judgments among you And all of you who remain I will scatter To all the wins Therefore as I live says the Lord God Surely because you have defiled My Sanctuary with all your detestable Things and with all your Abominations Therefore I will also diminish you My eye will not spare nor will I have Any pity One-third of you shall die of the Pestilence and be consumed with famine In your midst And one-third shall fall by the sword All around you And I will scatter another third to all The winds and I will draw out a sword After them

Thus shall my anger be spent And I will cause my Fury to rest upon Them and I will be Avenged And they shall know that I the Lord have Spoken it in my Zeal when I have spent My Fury upon them Moreover I will make you a waste and a Reproach among the Nations that are all Around you in the sight of all who pass By So it shall be a reproach a taunt a Lesson and an astonishment to the Nations that are all around you when I Execute judgments among you in anger and In Fury and in Furious rebukes I the Lord have spoken When I sinned against them the terrible Arrows of famine which shall be for Destruction which I will send to destroy You I will increase the famine upon you and Cut off your supply of bread So I will send against you famine and Wild beasts and they will bereave you Pestilence and blood shall pass through You and I will bring the sword against You I the Lord have spoken

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