The Book of Ezekiel Chapter 2 – New King James Version (NKJV) – Audio Bible

Chapter 2. And he said to me Son of man Stand on your feet and I will speak to You Then the spirit entered me when he spoke To me and set me on my feet And I heard him who spoke to me And he said to me Son of man I am sending you to the children of Israel To a rebellious nation that has rebelled Against me They and their fathers have transgressed Against me to this very day For they are impudent and stubborn Children I am sending you to them and you shall Say to them Thus says the Lord God As for them whether they hear or whether They refuse for they are a rebellious House Yet they will know that a prophet has Been among them And you son of man do not be afraid of Them nor be afraid of their words though Briars and Thorns are with you and you Dwell among scorpions Do not be afraid of their words or Dismayed by their looks Though they are a rebellious house You shall speak my words to them whether

They hear or whether they refuse for They are rebellious But you son of man hear what I say to You Do not be rebellious like that Rebellious house Open your mouth And eat what I give you Now when I looked there was a hand Stretched out to me And behold a scroll of a book was in it Then he spread it before me And there was writing on the inside and On the outside And written on it were Lamentations and Mourning and woe

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