The Book of Exodus Chapter 38 – New King James Version (NKJV) – Audio Bible

Chapter 38. He made the altar of burnt offering of Acacia wood Five cubits was its length and 5 cubits Its width it was Square And its height was three cubits He made its horns on its Four Corners The horns were of one piece with it And he overlaid it with bronze He made all the utensils for the altar The pans the shovels the basins the Forks and the fire pans All its utensils he made of bronze And he made a great of bronze Network For the altar under its Rim Midway from The bottom He cast four rings for the four corners Of the bronze grating as holders for the Poles And he made the poles of acacia wood and Overlaid them with bronze Then he put the poles into the rings on The sides of the altar with which to Bear it He made the altar Hollow with boards He made the Laver of bronze and its base Of bronze from the bronze mirrors of the Serving women who assembled at the door Of the Tabernacle of meeting Then he made the court on the south side The hangings of the Court were of fine Woven linen 100 cubits long There were 20 pillars for them with 20 Bronze sockets

The hooks of the pillars and their bands Were silver On the North side the hangings were 100 Cubits long with 20 pillars and their 20 Bronze sockets The hooks of the pillars and their bands Were silver And on the west side there were hangings Of 50 cubits with 10 pillars and their 10 sockets The hooks of the pillars and their bands Were silver For the East Side the hangings were 50 Cubits the hangings of one side of the Gate were 15 cubits long with their Three pillars and their three sockets And the same for the other side of the Court gate On this side and that were hangings of 15 cubits with their three pillars and Their three sockets All the hangings of the court all around Were a fine woven linen The sockets for the pillars were bronze The hooks of the pillars and their bands Were silver And the overlay of their capitals was Silver And all the pillars of the Court had Bands of silver The screen for the Gate of the Court was Woven of blue purple and Scarlet thread And a fine woven linen The length was 20 cubits and the height

Along its width was 5 cubits Corresponding to the hangings of the Court And there were four pillars with their Four sockets of bronze their hooks were Silver and the overlay of their capitals And their bands was silver All the pegs of the Tabernacle and of The court all around were bronze This is the inventory of the Tabernacle The Tabernacle of the testimony which Was counted according to the Commandment Of Moses for the service of the Levites By the hand of ithamar son of Aaron the Priest Bezalel the son of URI the son of her of The tribe of Judah made all that the Lord had commanded Moses and with him Was a holy AB the son of a hizimac of The tribe of Dan an engraver and Designer a weaver of blue purple and Scarlet thread and of fine linen All the gold that was used in all the Work of the Holy place that is the gold Of the offering was 29 talents and 730 Shekels according to the shekel of the Sanctuary And the silver from those who were Numbered of the congregation was 100 Talents and 1775 shekels according to the sheckle of The sanctuary A beaker for each man that is half a Shekel according to the shekel of the

Sanctuary For everyone included in the numbering From 20 years old and above For six hundred and three thousand five Hundred and fifty men And from the hundred talents of silver Were cast the sockets of the sanctuary And the bases of the Veil 100 sockets from the hundred talents one Talent for each socket Then from the 1775 shekels he made hooks for the Pillars overlaid their capitals and made Bands for them The offering of bronze was 70 talents And 2 400 shekels And with it he made the sockets for the Door of the Tabernacle of meeting The bronze altar the bronze grating for It and all the utensils for the altar The sockets for the court all around The bases for the court gate all the Pegs for the Tabernacle and all the pegs For the court all around

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