The Book of Esther Chapter 1 – New King James Version (NKJV) – Audio Bible

The Book of Esther Chapter 1. Now it came to pass in the days of ahasu Eres this was the hasuerus who reigned Over 127 provinces from India to Ethiopia In those days when King hasueris sat on The throne of his kingdom which was in Shushan the Citadel That in the third year of his Reign he Made a feast for all his officials and Servants The powers of Persia and media the Nobles and the princes of the provinces Being before him When he showed the riches of his Glorious Kingdom and the Splendor of his Excellent Majesty for many days 180 days in all And when these days were completed the King made a feast lasting seven days for All the people who were present in Shushan the Citadel from great to small In the court of the garden of the king's Palace There were white and blue linen curtains Fastened with cords of fine linen and Purple on Silver rods and marble pillars And the couches were of gold and silver On a mosaic pavement of alabaster Turquoise and white and black marble And they served drinks in Golden vessels Each vessel being different from the Other

With Royal Wine in abundance according To the generosity of the king In accordance with the law the drinking Was not compulsory For so the king had ordered all the Officers of his household that they Should do according to each man's Pleasure Queen vashti also made a feast for the Women in the Royal Palace which belonged To King jasueres On the seventh day when the heart of the King was merry with wine He commanded me human bistha Harbona bigther And carcass seven eunuchs who served in The presence of King ahasureris to bring Queen vashtai before the king wearing Her royal crown In order to show her beauty to the People and the officials for she was Beautiful to behold But Queen vashti refused to come at the King's Command brought by his eunuchs Therefore the King was Furious and his Anger burned within him Then the king said to the wise men who Understood the times For this was the king's manner toward All who knew Law And Justice those Closest to him being kashina Admitha tarshish miris marcina and Mimican The seven princes of Persia and media

Who had access to the king's presence And who ranked highest in the Kingdom What shall we do to Queen vashti According to law because she did not Obey the command of King ahasurerus Brought to her by the eunuchs And mimukan answered before the king and The princes Queen vashti has not only wronged the King but also all the princes and all The people who are in all the provinces Of King ahasurerus For the Queen's Behavior will become Known to all women so that they will Despise their husbands in their eyes When they report King has yours commanded Queen vashti to Be brought in before him but she did not Come This very day the noble ladies of Persia And media will say to all the king's Officials that they have heard of the Behavior of the queen Thus there will be excessive contempt And Wrath If it pleases the king let a Royal Decree go out from him and let it be Recorded in the laws of the Persians and The medes so that it will not be altered That vashti shall come no more before King ahasurerus And let the King give her royal position To another who is better than she When the king's decree which he will

Make is proclaimed throughout all his Empire for it is great All wives will honor their husbands both Great and small And the reply pleased the king and the Princes and the King did according to The word of mimican Then he sent letters to all the king's Provinces to each province in its own Script and to every people in their own Language that each man should be master In his own house and speak in the Language of his own people

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