The Book of Daniel Chapter 9 – New King James Version (NKJV) – Audio Bible

Chapter 9. In the first year of Darius the son of a Hasueris of the lineage of the medes who Was made King over the realm of the Chaldeans In the first year of his reign I Daniel Understood by the books the number of The years specified by the word of the Lord through Jeremiah the prophet that He would accomplish 70 years in the Desolations of Jerusalem Then I set my face toward the lord God To make requests by prayer and Supplications with fasting sackcloth and Ashes And I prayed to the Lord my God and made Confession and said O Lord great and awesome God who keeps His Covenant and mercy with those who Love him and with those who keep his Commandments We have sinned and committed iniquity We have done wickedly and rebelled even By departing from your precepts and your Judgments Neither have we heeded your servants the Prophets who spoke in your name to our Kings and our princes to our fathers and All the people of the land Oh Lord righteousness belongs to you But to us shame of face as it is this Day To the men of Judah to the inhabitants Of Jerusalem and all Israel those near

And those far off in all the countries To which you have driven them because of The unfaithfulness which they have Committed against you Oh Lord to us belongs shame of face To our Kings our princes and our fathers Because we have sinned against you To the Lord Our God belong mercy and Forgiveness though we have rebelled Against him We have not obeyed the voice of the Lord Our God to walk in his laws which he set Before us by his servants the prophets Yes all Israel has transgressed your law And has departed so as not to obey your Voice Therefore the curse and the oath written In the law of Moses the servant of God Have been poured out on us because we Have sinned against him And he has confirmed his words which he Spoke against us and against our judges Who judged us by bringing upon us a Great disaster For under the whole Heaven such has Never been done as what has been done to Jerusalem As it is written in the law of Moses All This Disaster has come upon us Yet we have not made our prayer before The Lord Our God that we might turn from Our iniquities and understand your truth Therefore the Lord has kept the disaster In mind and brought it upon us

For the Lord our God is righteous in all The works which he does though we have Not obeyed his voice And now O Lord Our God who brought your People out of the land of Egypt with a Mighty hand and made yourself a name as It is this day We have sinned We have done wickedly Oh Lord according to all your Righteousness I pray let your anger and Your Fury be turned away from your City Jerusalem your Holy Mountain Because for our sins and for the Iniquities of our fathers Jerusalem and your people are our Approach to all those around us Now therefore our God Hear the prayer of your servant and his Supplications And for the Lord's sake cause your face To shine on your Sanctuary which is Desolate Oh my God incline your ear and hear Open your eyes and see our desolations And the city which is called by your Name For we do not present our supplications Before you because of our righteous Deeds but because of your great Mercies O Lord hear O Lord forgive O Lord listen and act Do not delay for your own sake my God

For your city and your people are called By your name Now while I was speaking praying and Confessing my sin and the sin of My People Israel And presenting my supplication before The Lord my God for the Holy Mountain of My God Yes while I was speaking in prayer The man Gabriel whom I had seen in the Vision at the beginning being caused to Fly swiftly Reached me about the time of the evening Offering And he informed me and talked with me And said O'Daniel I have now come forth to give You skill to understand At the beginning of your supplications The command went out And I have come to tell you for you are Greatly beloved Therefore consider the matter and Understand the vision 70 weeks are determined for your people And for your Holy City to finish the Transgression to make an end of sins to Make reconciliation for iniquity To bring in Everlasting righteousness to Seal up vision and prophecy and to Anoint the most holy Know therefore and understand That from the going forth of the command To restore and build Jerusalem until

Messiah the prince There shall be seven weeks and 62 weeks The street shall be built again and the Wall even in trouble sometimes And after the 62 weeks Messiah shall be Cut off but not for himself And the people of the prince who is to Come shall destroy the city and the Sanctuary The end of it shall be with a flood Until the end of the war desolations are Determined Then he shall confirm a covenant with Many for one week But in the middle of the week he shall Bring an end to sacrifice and offering And on the wing of Abominations shall be One who makes desolate Even until the consummation which is Determined is poured out on the desolate

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