The Book of 1 Chronicles Chapter 4 – New King James Version (NKJV) – Audio Bible

Chapter 4. The sons of Judah were peeries hezron Karmai per and shobul And Riya the son of shovel begot jahaf And jhath begot a humai and lahad These were the families of the Zorothites These were the sons of the father of Etom Jezreel Ishma and idbash and the name of their Sister was hazalel ponai And penuel was the father of guidor and Iza was the father of husha These were the sons of her the firstborn Of ephratha the father of Bethlehem And Asha the father of Dakota had two Wives hila and naira Nehra bore him a hazam Hifa temenay and Haya hashtarai These were the sons of Nera The sons of hila were zeerith Zohar and Ethnan And cos begot enab zabiba and the Families of ahahil the son of Haram Now Jabez was more honorable than his Brothers and his mother called his name Jabez saying because I bore him in pain And Jabez called on the god of Israel Saying oh that you would bless me indeed And enlarge my territory that your hand Would be with me and that you would keep Me from Evil that I may not cause pain So God granted him what he requested

Caleb the brother of shuha begot Miha Who was the father of Ashton and eston Begot Beth Rafer for seer and to Hina The father of ear nahash these were the Men of Rika The sons of kinas were othniel and Syria The sons of othniel were hathath and Myonathai Who begot ofra Syria begot joab the father of gehrashim For they were Craftsmen The sons of Caleb the son of jafana were Iru Ela and Naim The son of Ilah was kinas The sons of jehalalil were zif zepher Tyria and acerel The sons of Ezra were geetha mirid IFA And jalon And mirid's wife or Miriam shamai and Ishpa the father of eshtamoa His wife jihadija board Giroud the Father of guidor Heber the father of Soko and jacuthil the father of zanoa And these were the sons of bithia the Daughter of pharaoh who mirit took The sons of hodaya's wife the sister of Nahum were the fathers of kiela the Garmite and of eshtamoa the mayakathite And the sons of Shaman were amnon rinner Ben Hainan and tylon And the sons of ishi was zohef and Ben Zoheth The sons of Sheila the son of Judah were ER the father of Lika leider the father

Of Marisha and the families of the House Of the linen workers of the house of Ashbya Also jokim the men of koziba and joash Saraf who ruled in Moab and Joshua lihim Now the records are ancient These were the potters and those who Dwell at nitaim and gedera There they dwelt with the King for his Work The sons of Simeon were nemuel Jamin Jarib Zera and shawl Shalom his son Mibsam his son and mishma his son And the sons of mishma were hamuel his Son zakar his son and shimiai his son Shimmyi had 16 sons and six daughters But his brothers did not have many Children nor did any of their families Multiply as much as the children of Judah They dwelt at Beersheba molada Shul bilha ism tolad bithuel These were their cities until the reign Of David And their Villages were eaten Ain Rimmon Token and Asian five cities and all the Villages that were around these cities As far as Bale These were their Dwelling Places and They maintained their genealogy Mishobab jamlick and Joshua the son of Amaziah Joel and jihu the son of joshuaia the Son of Surya the son of asil

Ideal And binaya Zizer the son of sci-fi the son of Alan The son of Judea the son of shimrai the Son of shimaya These mentioned by name were leaders in Their families and their father's house Increased greatly So they went to the entrance of guidor As far as the east side of the valley to Seek pasture for their flocks And they found Rich good pasture and the Land was broad quiet and peaceful For some hamites formerly lived there These recorded by name came in the days Of Hezekiah king of Judah and they Attacked their tents and the miunites Who were found there and utterly Destroyed them as it is to this day So they dwelt in their place because There was pasture for their flocks there Now some of them 500 men of the sons of Simeon went to mount sea having as their Captains pelota near Raya refere and Ozil the sons of ishi And they defeated the rest of the Amalekites who had escaped They have dwelt there to this day

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