The Book of 1 Chronicles Chapter 3 – New King James Version (NKJV) – Audio Bible

Chapter 3 Now these were the sons of David who Were born to him in Hebron The firstborn was amnon by hinoam the Jezreelites The second Daniel by Abigail the Carmelites The third Absalom the son of mayaka the Daughter of talmai king of gesha The fourth adonijah the son of hagith The fifth shepher Tire by a Beitel The sixth ethereum by his wife egla These six were born to him in Hebron There he reigned seven years and six Months and in Jerusalem he reigned 33 Years And these were born to him in Jerusalem Shimia shobab Nathan and Solomon 4. by Bathshua the daughter of Amil And there were ibhar elishima iliffelet Noga nifig jafia illishma eliada and Elliphalet nine in all These were all the sons of David besides The sons of the concubines and Tamar Their sister Solomon's son was rehoboam Abijah was his son Acer his son Jehoshaphat his son joram his son Ahaziah his son joash his son Amaziah his son Azariah his son jotham His son ahaz his son Hezekiah his son Manasseh his son Ammon his son and Josiah his son The sons of Josiah were johanan the

Firstborn the second jehoiakim the third Zedekiah and the fourth shalom The sons of jehoiakim were jeconiah his Son and zedekiah his son And the sons of jeconiah were Assa ultil His son and malkairam Hidea Shinaza jacamaya The sons of pedia was a rubbable and Shimmyi The sons of zerubbabel were michelam Hananaya shalomith their sister and Hashuba oh hell barakaya hasadaya and Jew shab he said five in all The sons of hananiah were pelotaya and Jashaya the sons of Rafia the sons of Arnhem the sons of Obadiah and the sons Of shekhanaiah The son of Shekinah was shimaya the sons Of Shamir were hattush igal baraya Niariah and shafat six in all The sons of nehariah were Elio Hezekiah and azrikam three in all The sons of elioini were hodavaya Elishib pileia akab johannen delaya and Annai seven in all

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