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No [Music] [Music] Was that biblical holding dialogue with Demons of possessed people and then Commanding them to come out yelling in The name of Jesus many so-called Deliverance Ministries would have you Believe so and sometimes they resort to Antics like using the Rope of the Holy Ghost to bind demons Come here in Jesus name the mighty name Of Jesus Jesus name Come face your judgments Jesus name Obviously that was fake we could be sure Of that because it's completely Unbiblical Jesus never used the Rope of The Holy Ghost to bind demons however The concept of demonic possession and Deliverance is a Biblical one Jesus and His disciples delivered several people From demonic possession for example Matthew chapter 8 verse 16 says when Evening had come they brought to him Meaning Jesus many who were Demon-possessed and he cast out the Spirits with a word and healed all who Were sick and speaking of the 70 Emissaries that Jesus appointed to go Before him into the cities he was about To visit Luke chapter 10 verse 17 says Then the seventy returned with Joy Saying Lord even the demons are subject

To us in your name however not all Deliverance Ministries are genuine Jesus Warned that in the last days there would Be those who would be casting out demons In his name but not in his power in Matthew chapter 7 verses 21-23 stating Not everyone who says to me Lord Lord Shall enter the kingdom of heaven but he Who does the will of my Father in Heaven Many will say to me in that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in your name Cast out demons in your name and done Many wonders in your name and then I Will declare to them I never knew you Depart from me you who practice Lawlessness the fact that Jesus said I Never knew you indicates that they never Had a personal relationship with Jesus In other words these are not genuine Believers they are deceivers who are Performing counterfeit Deliverance in The name of Jesus so how can you tell The difference between true demonic Deliverance and counterfeit Deliverance That's what I'm going to be talking About in this video as I present to you Eight steps of demonic Deliverance But before I do that if this channel Inspires you and you would like to Support my Ministry please prayerfully Consider making a one-time PayPal Donation or a monthly Pledge on patreon So I can continue to produce high Quality Christian videos to reach more

People with the gospel your support Helps keep my channel going you can find Links to my PayPal or patreon accounts In the video description now back to Steps of demonic Deliverance number one Recognize the presence of evil spirits Ephesians chapter 6 verse 12 tells us For we do not wrestle against flesh and Blood but against principalities against Powers against the rulers of the Darkness of this age against spiritual Hosts of wickedness in the Heavenly Places the Bible is clear evil spirits Are real and Believers are engaged in a Spiritual warfare with them sometimes This manifests itself in the form of Demonic possession and when that happens Further steps are necessary so the Possessed person can be delivered some Signs of demonic possession include Excessive violence Supernatural strength A tendency towards self-harm and Physical maladies however it's important To note that not all physical maladies Or psychological illnesses are a sign of Demonic possession sometimes people are Legitimately impaired as a result of a Genetic defect illness or chemical Imbalance in their brain and and if we Misdiagnose someone as being demonically Possessed when they're not actually Possessed and try to cast a demon out of Them we could do them more harm than Good psychologically and spiritually

They may be convicted that their illness Is the result of demonic possession Which they could not be delivered from And that could be devastating to their Faith not to mention this also results In improper treatment people who are Legitimately ill or disabled need proper Treatment so their symptoms don't get Worse however if they've tried Everything in their power to get well And nothing seems to help their Condition may be the result of demonic Possession if you think that's the case Praying for spiritual discernment to Make sure would be a good idea before Continuing to try to cast their demons Out number two they need to be willing There needs to be willing consent on the Part of the person having the demon cast Out in order for the Deliverance to be Successful although demonic possession Can come with a host of physical and Psychological symptoms demons can give People special powers as well and they May not be willing to part with those Powers even when their well-being is at Risk for example Acts chapter 16 verse 16 States now what happened as we went To prayer that a certain slave girl Possessed with a spirit of divination Met us who brought her Masters much Profit by fortune telling divination is The practice of seeking knowledge of the Future or the unknown by Supernatural

Means today divination is commonly Practiced by psychics mediums and Witches using crystal balls tarot cards And communication with Spirits the Bible Reveals that it is really the spirits of Demons working behind the scenes to give People the the power of divination some Of you may be thinking how is that Possible since the Bible tells us only God knows the future Satan doesn't know The future while that's true he can Manipulate events to make his Predictions come to pass not to mention Satan has incredible knowledge and Foresight he's been in existence for Thousands maybe even millions of years So it's not hard for him to calculate How some things will work out that Reminds me of an experience I had with a Tarot card reader before becoming a Christian I experimented with things Like Ouija boards and tarot card Readings and during one of my readings I Was told that I would be arrested and Sent to prison in the near future and That's exactly what happened at the age Of 23 I was arrested for drug crimes and Sentenced to nine years in federal Prison but it didn't take a psychic to See that was coming for instance the Lady that gave me the tarot card reading I had just sold her so a myth right Before she did the reading for me and I Lived a life of drugs and crime so it

Was only a matter of time before I ended Up in prison if I continued down that Path anyway in addition the psychic Services industry makes a lot of money An online post entitled psychic Services Industry in the U.S market research Report by States over the Five years to 2021 revenue for the Industry is anticipated to rise at an Annualized rate of 0.5 percent to Total 2.2 billion dollars so this is a billion Dollar industry and this has made some Of the most renowned psychics very rich For example Sylvia Brown who was an American author who claimed to be a Medium with psychic abilities was worth An estimated 70 million dollars before She died in 2013. it can be hard for someone who Gains so much wealth from demonic Abilities to suddenly turn away from That but if they are willing they can be Set free if they're not willing there's Really no sense in even trying number Three confess and repent of your sins This is just as important for the Individual facilitating the Demonic Deliverance along with the person being Delivered from demonic possession sin Causes separation between us and God Isaiah chapter 59 verse 2 States but Your iniquities have separated you from Your God and your sins have hidden his Face from you so that he will not hear

You definitely don't want to have any Barriers between you and God if you're Trying to help someone gain deliverance From demons it's only by the power of God that we can gain the victory over Demonic possession we have no power in And of ourselves to overcome Satan and His angels so if we have any unconfessed Sins in our lives when ministering to Someone who is possessed that can hinder The power of God working through us and Instead of overcoming the demons they Could overcome us there is one such Instance of this in the Bible The book of Acts talks about seven sons Of a Jewish high priest named skiva who Were attempting to cast out a demon in The name of Jesus but didn't have a Relationship with Jesus it ended badly Acts chapter 19 verses 15 through 16 States but the evil spirit answered them Jesus I know and Paul I recognized but Who are you and the man in whom was the Evil spirit leaped on them mastered all Of them and overpowered them so that They fled out of that house naked and Wounded number four pray and fast Divine protection is necessary when Attempting to cast out a demon because Demons are powerful beings that have the Potential of harming people like we read With the seven sons of skiva the only Way we can be successful in overcoming Powerful Spiritual Beings like Satan and

His angels is with the support of a Spiritual being who is more powerful God Prayer will help us secure that and we Pray for guidance to gain wisdom from God to know how to approach the Situation and what steps to take to cast The Demon out successfully in addition To prayer Jesus also encouraged fasting In instances where our attempt to cast Out a demon are unsuccessful when the Apostles of Jesus tried casting a demon Out of a child and were unsuccessful They asked Jesus the cause of their Failure and he answered in Matthew Chapter 17 verses 20 through 21 saying Because of your unbelief for assuredly I Say to you if you have faith as a Mustard seed you will say to this Mountain move from here to there and it Will move and nothing will be impossible For you however this kind does not go Out except by prayer and fasting fasting Along with prayer can amplify your Spiritual life and strengthen your faith It gives you increased Clarity a Heightened sensitivity to God's leading And can help you gain spiritual Breakthroughs in challenging situations That's why Jesus told the apostles to Fast and pray when dealing with Challenging demons so they can gain the Victory over them in the power of God Also fasting may be good for the Demon-possessed person as well to weaken

The hold that the demon has on them Number five recite scripture The best example of this is when Satan Tempted Jesus in the wilderness in Matthew chapter 4 Jesus drove him away By reciting scripture there is power in The word of God when someone recites Scripture they are speaking the very Words of God which can have a powerful Effect on the spiritual realm also when A person speaks the truth of God's word They are declaring their allegiance to God and standing against the forces of Evil in addition reciting scripture can Be a way of invoking God's presence and Power in a situation some examples of Scriptures that can be used when casting Out demons include the Lord's Prayer From Matthew chapter 6 verses 19 through 20. James chapter 4 verse 7 which says Therefore submit to God resist the devil And he will flee from you in first Corinthians chapter 15 verse 57 which Reads but thanks be to God who gives us The victory through our Lord Jesus Christ these scriptures show our Reliance upon God and his power to Deliver Us from Evil in addition to These there are many more scriptures you Can use it's good to recite scriptures About the love and power of God Redemption the victory that we have in Jesus and the devil being a defeated foe Number six speak with authority and

Confidence Speaking with authority and confidence When casting out demons is important Because it demonstrates a belief in the Power and authority of Jesus Christ Jesus himself spoke with authority when He cast out demons and he gave this same Authority to his disciples in Mark Chapter 16 verse 17 stating and these Signs will follow those who believe in My name they will cast out demons they Will speak with new tongues speaking With authority and confidence also sends A clear message to the demon that it has No power or authority over the person It's possessing demons Are Spiritual Beings that operate by deception and Intimidation and speaking with authority And confidence helps to counteract their Tactics it also helps to create an Atmosphere of faith and trust in God Which can be a powerful tool in Spiritual warfare number seven do not Speak to Demons [Music] There's a lot of YouTube videos of Demons being supposedly cast out of People where the person casting out the Demon enters into dialogue with the Demon Oh [Music] Here we go hey guess what Happened

Yeah Christians should never enter into Dialogue with a demon this is a form of Spiritism which is strictly forbidden by The Bible Leviticus chapter 19 verse 31 Says give no regard to mediums and Familiar spirits do not seek after them To be defiled by them I am the Lord your God a familiar spirit is a spirit or Demon that is believed to communicate With and provide information or guidance To a person not to mention demons are Liars anyway so why would you believe Anything they say even when they are Being cast out of a person do they Suddenly become honest at that point I Don't think so even when Jesus casts Demons out of people most of the time he Refused to enter into dialogue with them Mark chapter 1 verse 34 says then he Healed many who were sick with various Diseases and cast out many demons and he Did not allow the demons to speak Because they knew him there's only one Instance when Jesus entered into Dialogue with a demon and that's when he Encountered the two demoniacs at the Tombs in the country of the gurga scenes He asked one of the Demons what their Name was in Luke chapter 8 verse 30. to Which it replied Legion because many Demons entered him and then he permitted The demons to enter into a herd of swine Which ran violently down a cliff into a

Lake and drowned that was the only Conversation Jesus had with demons and It wasn't much of a conversation really It was just one question and the reason Jesus did that was not an example for us To interrogate demons when casting them Out but help us gain more insight into The nature of demonic possession for Instance one thing Jesus's encounter With the demoniac teaches us is that a Person can be possessed by multiple Demons but by the power and authority of Jesus they can be cast out number eight Remain faithful to God thank you After a demon is cast out of a person It's important for that person to remain Faithful to God to avoid becoming Possessed again yes you can become Possessed again Jesus said in the Parable of the unclean spirit in Matthew Chapter 12 verses 43-45 when an unclean Spirit goes out of a man he goes through Dry places seeking rest and finds none Then he says I will return to my house From which I came and when he comes he Finds it empty swept and put in order Then he goes and takes with him seven Other Spirits more wicked than himself And they enter and dwell there and the Last state of that man is worse than the First the person from which the demon is Cast out in this Parable is compared to A house after a demon is cast out of a Person they are cleansed of that evil

Influence it's like a house cleaning but After the demon is cast out he is able To return if he finds that no one else Is occupying that house in other words There are no other Spirits dwelling There so in order for someone who has Had a demon cast out of them to avoid Becoming possessed again they need to be Possessed by another spirit so the demon Doesn't come back What allow me to explain it's not Necessarily A Bad Thing to be Spirit Possessed if you are possessed by the Right Spirit the Holy Spirit once we Become Christians God grants us the Holy Spirit who dwells in US Jesus said in John chapter 14 verses 16 through 17 and I will pray the father and he will give You another helper that he may abide With you forever the spirit of Truth Whom the world cannot receive because it Neither sees him nor knows him but you Know him for he dwells with you and will Be in you the holy spirit is the third Person of the trinity in other words It's the Press presence of God and first John chapter 4 verse 4 States He Who is In you is greater than he who is in the World when the Holy Spirit dwells in US Demons cannot possess us because the Holy spirit is more powerful than they Are and protects us however someone Can't grieve the Holy Spirit Away Ephesians chapter 4 verse 30 says and do

Not grieve the holy spirit of God by Whom you were sealed for the day of Redemption you grieve the Holy Spirit by Rebelling against God's will for your Life and resisting the leading of the Holy Spirit and once that happens you Become open season for evil spirits this Happened to King Saul first Samuel Chapter 16 and verse 14 says but the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul And an evil spirit from the Lord Troubled him some of you might be Thinking why does it say an evil spirit From the Lord troubled him does God send Evil spirits to possess people no but he Allows them not to happen if people are Unfaithful to him so that's why it says It's from the Lord because demons can't Do anything without God's permission Apparently this happened to Mary Magdalene several times Luke chapter 8 Verse 2 mentions certain women who had Been healed of evil spirits and Infirmities Mary called Magdalene out of Whom had come seven demons many scholars Believe that Mary's seven demons were Not cast out of her all at one time Rather that she kept going back to her Life of sin necessitating having demons Cast out of her again and again so if You go back to a life of sin after being Delivered from demons it is possible and May even be necessary to have those Demons cast out again on the other hand

Don't play with sin because you may Cross the line and commit blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit from which there Is no coming back by the way all these Steps in casting out demons I have been Talking about can not only be applied to Individuals who are possessed and need External help to gain Deliverance you Can apply them to your own life to rid Yourself of demonic influences if you Recognize the presence of evil spirits In your life through repentance prayer Fasting spending time in God's word and Claiming his promises you can drive Those demons away however not everyone Has a knowledge of God's word and in Those cases they will need external Assistance they will need someone who Has a relationship with Jesus to guide Them to help them gain the victory over Their demons the Bible outlines several Steps to casting out demons including Recognizing the presence of evil spirits Repentance prayer fasting and speaking With authority and confidence to name a Few along with steps we should take to Cast out demons there are definitely Things we want to avoid like entering Into dialogue with demons and using and Ticks those are clear signs of Counterfeit Deliverance demonic Possession is a state in which a person Is under the control of an evil spirit When this happens various symptoms

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