Spiritual Warfare | How to DEFEAT Satan’s Attacks Against You

Satan is trying to keep you spiritually Malnourished he knows that if your Defenses have been worn down if you are Starved of spiritual sustenance then you Become an easy target for Temptation and Discouragement maybe you're in this Position right now many of you have Written into us and exactly this Situation perhaps you are experiencing Setback after setback constantly falling Into sin and you don't know where to Turn next I'm here to tell you there is A way out there is a practical way that You can fight back today that's what I'm Going to be sharing in this video but Before I do that don't forget to Subscribe and click the Bell if you're New so you get notified when we post new Content you need Supernatural help Firstly we need to realize that our Battle is not merely against our actions Or our behaviors this is first and Foremost a spiritual battle Ephesians Chapter 6 verse 12. for we do not Wrestle against flesh and blood but Against principalities against Powers Against the rulers of darkness of this Age against spiritual hosts of Wickedness in the Heavenly places you Might think oh great not only do I have All my issues to contend with but now There is a whole extra Dimension to deal With on the surface this might seem like A bad thing but is actually the greatest

Blessing yes we have to contend with Supernatural forces but we're also Promised Supernatural help if you have Decided to follow Jesus then all the Army of Heaven is on your side we're Talking about the Angels which the Bible Says Excel and strength and do God's Word and also the Holy Spirit who Directs the battle and communicates with Us personally to give us warnings and Inside information this is why Paul Could be so confident in writing in Romans chapter 8 verse 31 What then Shall we say to these things if God is For us who can be against us if we have All the unfallen angels and God the Father God the son and God the Holy Spirit on our side then our struggles Although so very real start to seem a Bit smaller in light of all the power That is working for us your problems Might be many your sins and your Mistakes might be serious but God's Grace is freely available to you if we Join ourselves with God and trust in him He has promised to fight the fight for Us remember in first John chapter 4 Verse 4 you are of God little children And have overcome them because he who is In you is greater than he who is in the World we need to start to realize we are Not all alone when contending with sin No matter what Satan may try and make You feel unworthy lonely discouraged

Remember Satan is a liar and the father Of all lies we need to start believing The truth be deliberate if you can see Areas of your life where Satan has got a Foothold you need to get practical and Specific with these problems it may be An addiction a sin that you are holding On to or that keeps popping up maybe you Feel constant oppression and resistance In your life and feel like Satan is made Inroads into your life somewhere but You're not entirely sure where whatever It is we need to ask God to give us a Thorough evaluation of what's going on After all if we don't know where the Problem is it becomes a bit more Difficult to address it specifically This isn't about focusing on ourselves This is asking God to examine us as we Are instructed to do in second Corinthians Chapter 13 Verse 5. examine Yourselves as to whether you're in the Faith test yourselves do you not know Yourselves that Jesus Christ is in you Unless indeed you are disqualified we Have to ask God to do this as we're not Able to see exactly what is going on in Jeremiah chapter 17 verse 9 we read that The heart is deceitful above all things And desperately wicked who can know it Our hearts are deceitful have left our Own devices and reasoning we will end up Justifying sin and learning to live with It we need to ask God instead to point

Out our issues Jeremiah chapter 17 in Verse 10 I the Lord search the heart I Test the mind even to give every man According to his ways according to the Fruit of his doings it is crucial if you Want to be victorious that you take this Step asking God to search your heart as God starts bringing things to your mind You might even like to write them down You might find that God brings things to Your mind that weren't even on your Radar perhaps there are even good things And activities that you have allowed to Get between you and God at this point You may want to share these things with Your spouse or if you have a Christian Friend that you trust who can join you In prayer you don't have to but you may Find it helpful now things are about to Get real you need to pick up your sword As you read through the Bible one thing Quickly becomes clear God's word has Power built into it right from the Beginning we see the world being created At God's word we see Jesus speaking be Plain or be healed and people were Changed we need to use the scripture as Our sword in this spiritual battle when Jesus was tempted multiple times by Satan at the start of his ministry Jesus Met Satan the same way each time we read In Matthew Chapter 4 verses 1 to 3 then Jesus was led up by the spirit Into the Wilderness to be tempted by the devil

And when he had fasted 40 days and 40 Nights afterward he was hungry now when The tempter came to him he said if you Are the Son of God command that these Stones become bread Satan here is Tempting Jesus to exercise his divine Power as the Son of God notice how Jesus Responds to him in Matthew chapter 4 Verse 4 but he answered and said it is Written man shall not live by bread Alone but by every word that proceeds From the mouth of God Jesus replies with It is written and then quote scripture He does the same thing two more times When Satan tries to tempt him it is Written again away with you Satan for it Is written Jesus could have used his Divine power to wipe Satan off the face Of the Earth instead throughout his life Here on Earth Jesus used the exact same Tools that are available to you and me Notice what is written in Philippians Chapter 2 verses 5 to 7 let this mind be In you which was in Christ Jesus who Being in the form of God did not Consider it robbery to be equal with God But made himself of no reputation taking The form of a bond seven and coming in The likeness of men Jesus became like us To show us how we too can resist the Devil using God's word he didn't use Some superpower that's not available to Us today we need to equip ourselves with Scriptures we need to start using it in

Prayer we need to come to God and say I Remember that you said this in your word You promised that you would do this you Do not lie I'm going to move forward Acting in accordance with what you said This isn't for God's benefit we aren't Trying to bring God down to us this sort Of prayer lifts us up to God let's have A look at some examples with forgiveness One of the most common messages and Comments I see are people who think they Have gone too far and they can't be Forgiven that they have exhausted God's Grace is this true no God promises in First John 1 verse 9 if we confess our Sins he is faithful and just to forgive Us our sins and to cleanse us from all Unrighteousness we can say Lord I have Confessed my sin to you I don't want to Live this way anymore you have promised To forgive me and plans me I'm going to Go forward in my life believing what you Have said what if you think you have Prayed that too many times you think You've exhausted God's forgiveness Here's where it's good to remember Hebrews chapter 7 verse 25 therefore he Is able to save to the uttermost those Who come to God through him since he Always lives to make intercession for Them we can pray Lord your word says That you live to make intercession for Me I believe what you have said so I Will continue to ask for forgiveness

Even when it seems like I've fallen too Many times with our addictions Addictions can be difficult it might be Addictive substances junk food Pornography social media the biggest key To overcoming addiction is to make a Complete change give God your entire Heart and fill your life with good Things the experiences of different People in the Bible also act as promises They are written to encourage Us in First Corinthians chapter 10 verse 11 we Read now all these things happen to them As examples and they were written for Our admonition upon whom the ends of the Ages have come notice what David said in Psalm chapter 55 verses 16 to 18 as for Me I will call upon God and the Lord Shall save me evening and morning and at Noon I will pray and cry aloud and he Shall hear my voice he has redeemed my Soul and peace from the battle that was Against me for there were many against Me if God was able to deliver others That means he will deliver you like David and the psalm you can say Lord I'm Going to call on you for how you have Promised to save me like David I will Seek you throughout the day evening and Morning and noon and I trust that you Will redeem me another amazing example Of overcoming sin and putting past Practices away for good is seen in Ephesus in Acts chapter 19 Paul is seen

Performing Miracles and casting out Demons he is able to do this because he Genuinely follows Jesus notice how People respond in Acts chapter 19 verses 18 to 20 and many who had believed came Confessing and telling their deeds also Many of those who had practiced magic Brought their books together and burned Them in the side of all and they counted Up the value of them and totaled 50 000 Pieces of silver so the word of the Lord Grew mightily and prevailed these people Were so convicted of the truth they Decided to burn these books that Discussed sinful practices even though They were worth a huge amount of money We can do the same thing we can pray Lord I have seen in your word how these People turn completely from their own Life of sin I want to do the same please Help me to dispose of the things in my Life that are leading me to sin maybe Like these people in Ephesus you need to Have a bonfire as well you might know That you need to be spending more time With God but there are so many things Pulling your attention every which way Things that have become Idols in your Life God promises to help you with these When we decide to turn from our idols And put God in first place in our lives He promises Us in Ezekiel chapter 36 Verses 25 to 27 then I will sprinkle Clean water on you and you shall be

Clean I will cleanse you from all your Filthiness and from all your Idols I Will give you a new heart and put a new Spirit within you I will take the Heart Of Stone out of your flesh and I will Give you a heart of Flesh I will put my Spirit within you and cause you to walk In my statutes and you will keep my Judgments and do them we can take that To God In Prayer when Satan tries to Pull us back into those old habits we Can say it is written God will cleanse Me from all my Idols it's important to Remember if we want victory over the Idols in our lives we need to take the Same approach as King Josiah and second Chronicles 34 verses 3 to 4. for in the Eighth year of his Reign while he was Still young he began to seek the god of His father David and in the 12th year he Began to purge Judah and Jerusalem of The high places the wooden images the Carved images and the molded images they Broke down the altars of the biles in His presence and the incense altars Which were above them he cut down and The wooden images the carved images and The molded images he broke in pieces and Made dusted them and Scattered it on the Graves of those who had sacrificed to Them Josiah was seeking the Lord he Absolutely obliterated all the idols in The land we can say Lord Josiah was Faithful to you please do the same thing

In my life help me to be faithful to you And give me the strength to break down The idols that are keeping me from you Then is Disobedience there are outright Promises in the Bible there are stories Of men and women who have overcome who Are an encouragement for us and if we Are living in a close relationship with God then even his Commandments and his Instructions become promises if you're a New Covenant Christian notice what God Promises to do in Hebrews chapter 8 Verse 10 for this is the Covenant that I Will make with the house of Israel after Those days says the Lord I will put my Laws in their mind and write them on Their hearts and I will be their God and They shall be my people the New Covenant Is based on the power of God's promise To take his law and place it in our Heart and in our mind when God does this We obey him through his power from a Loving heart notice what Jesus Promised In John 15 5. I am the vine you are the Branches he who abides in me and iron Him Bears much fruit for without me you Can do nothing we can claim that Promise By a by fighting with Jesus spending Time with him and he promises to bring Forth good fruit in our lives Satan may Try to gain access to your life and Tempt you but when we choose to seek God's help we have all the army of Heaven on our side we can use promises

In scripture just like Jesus did to Resist Satan what are some promises that You need to claim at the moment let me Know in the comments check out some of Our videos by clicking on the screen if You enjoyed this video feel free to like It and share it thank you for watching And God bless you

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