Something STRANGE Is Happening In Israel!

Foreign [Music] And some Christians are saying that Orthodox Jews claim this is the Messiah Making him in the eyes of Christians the False prophet or the Antichrist that's What I'm going to be talking about in This video but before I do that feel Free to support my channel by clicking On the link in the video description to Visit my store where you can get Incredible Bible resources like the new Revelation verse by verse devotional Prophecy study Bibles Christian t-shirts And more so there's this young Jewish Rabbi causing quite a stir in the Orthodox community in Israel named Yanuka RAV yahuda he has been Credited for performing at least five Miracles people crowd around him in Public kissing his hand the ask him to Bless them and they hang on to his every Word when he teaches the Torah now the Yanuka in his name is a title that means Child prodigy and what makes yanuka RAV yahuda so special is he memorized The Torah by the age of 15 and is able To recite large portions of the Torah And talmud from memory that's very Impressive I can't even remember what I Had for lunch yesterday some of the Miracles that the yanuka has been Credited for performing include making Malignant tumors disappear releasing

Someone from prison killing someone of Intestinal pain before surgery and more Here's one testimony of a man explaining How his sister was healed of lung cancer After he met with the yanuka Um Foreign Foreign There's a lot of similarities between The yanukkah and the life of Jesus for Example people crowded Around Jesus Matthew chapter 4 verse 25 says great Multitudes followed him From Galilee and From decapolis Jerusalem Judea and Beyond the Jordan people asked Jesus to Bless them Mark chapter 10 verse 14 and 16 says let the little children come to Me and do not forbid them for of such is The kingdom of God and he took them up In his arms laid his hands on them and Blessed them Jesus performed several Miracles including changing water into Wine in John Chapter 2 healing a Paralytic in John chapter 5 raising Lazarus from the dead in John chapter 11 And more and renowned religious leaders Came to hear the teachings of Jesus John Chapter 3 verses 1 through 2 tells us There was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus a ruler of the Jews this man Came to Jesus by night and said to him Rabbi we know that you are a teacher Come from God for no one can do these Signs that you do unless God is with him

And then Jesus and Nicodemus had a Conversation about being born again also The things that they call the yanuka are Things you would expect people to call The Messiah Foreign Foreign [Music] [Music] For another day Look at this time [Music] Great holy pure he knows everything when It comes to the Torah and he has Descended into the world to illuminate The world sound familiar in John chapter 8 verse 12 Jesus said I am the light of The world he who follows me shall not Walk in darkness but have the light of Life also in John chapter 6 verse 38 Jesus said for I have come down from Heaven not to do my own will but the Will of him who sent me in other words Jesus descended from the father to Illuminate the world and in terms of the Yanuka being holy and pure Revelation Chapter 15 verse 4 States who shall not Fear You O Lord and glorify your name For you alone Are Holy and speaking of The sinful nature of man Romans chapter 3 verses 10 through 12 says there is None righteous no not one there is none Who understands there is none who seeks After God they have all turned aside

They have together become unprofitable There is none who does good no not one And that's how we would remain without The intervention of God left to Ourselves we would be completely corrupt But God sends his Spirit to convict us Of our sins in the hopes that we turn to Jesus and be saved and Jesus not only Imparts but imputes his righteousness to Us so we could start living according to God's word but we have no innate Holiness of Our Own It comes from God All things considered some Christians Have speculated that the yanukkah is the Messiah that the Jews expect to appear Making him the Antichrist to many Christians you see the Jews reject Jesus As the Messiah so they are still looking Forward to the arrival of the Messiah Even though their own scriptures predict The time of the arrival of the Messiah For example Daniel chapter 9 verses 24 Through 27 includes a 70-week prophecy That indicates when the Messiah would Arrive verse 25 says know therefore and Understand that from the going forth of The command to restore and build Jerusalem until Messiah the prince there Shall be seven weeks and 62 weeks the Street shall be built again and the wall Even in Troublesome times seven weeks Plus 62 weeks is 69 weeks which is 483 Literal years since a day in Bible Prophecy equals a year one example of

The day for a year prophetic principle Is Numbers Chapter 14 verse 34 in which The Israelites were caused to wander in The desert for 40 years after they spied Out the promised land for 40 days and Refuse used to enter it at the command Of God it says according to the number Of days in which you spied out the land 40 Days for each day you shall bear your Guilt one year namely 40 years and you Shall know my rejection so now that we Know a day equals a year in Prophecy and 69 weeks or 483 literal years were Predicted for the arrival of the Messiah We need to identify the starting point Of the 69 weeks to discover the date of The messiah's arrival the text says the Starting point is the command to restore And build Jerusalem this decree was made By artaxerxes King of Persia in Ezra Chapter 7 verses 12-26 in verse 8 it Tells us this was during the seventh Year of the king's Reign which was in 457 BC counting forward 483 years from 457 BC brings us to 22 7 A.D that was The year that Jesus was baptized an Online post entitled when did Jesus get Baptized by Bible States According to Bible chronology Jesus got Baptized in the Autumn of A.D 27. by the Way did you know that the word Messiah Means anointed one and Acts chapter 10 Verse 38 tells us God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with

Power and when did this anointing take Place at his baptism Matthew chapter 3 Verse 16 tells us when he had been Baptized Jesus came up immediately from The water and behold the heavens were Opened to him and he saw the spirit of God descending like a dove and a Lighting upon him so Jesus became the Messiah that is the anointed one at his Baptism in 27 A.D in fulfillment of Daniel chapter 9 verse 25. that's why Galatians chapter 4 verse 4 says but When the fullness of time had come that Is the 69 weeks of Daniel chapter 9 Verse 25 God sent forth his son born of A woman born under the law so uh sorry For all you Jews looking for the Messiah To come your own scriptures predicted That he would come two thousand years Ago you missed the boat now since we got That out of the way signs started Popping up in New York in 2022 stating Messiah is here and on September 29 2022 Israel today published a post entitled Israeli Rabbi says he's already holding Meetings with the Messiah by the way This appears to be a repost from 2020 Because I already did a video responding To this story when it first appeared Which you can watch by clicking on the Card in the upper right hand corner of The screen the rabbi his name is shame Kanevsky he actually passed away in March of 2022 but back in 2020 according

To the online post by Israel today Rabbi Chaim kanevsky was considered one of the Two or three top rabbis of the Ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Israel and the rabbi ziz Schultz says That kenyevsky and others of the Mystical concealed rabbis had tasked him With informing the public of the Messiah's imminent arrival so because of The timing of Rabbi kaneefsky's claim That he was holding secret meetings with The Messiah the signs popping up in New York claiming the Messiah is here and The yanukkas rise in popularity and Miracle working power some professed Christians are assuming that this is all In reference to the yanuka rav Yehuda and what's more a variety of Tick-tock videos and online posts claim That the yanuka has already been Anointed as the Messiah in Israel for Example an online post entitled the Messiah is here and he is black in Britain by States today in The so-called Israel a young Rabbi aged 33 a prodigy who has memorized the Torah And other Jewish texts by heart since he Was a child was anointed as the Messiah Last year in the Orthodox Jewish Community however this claim has been Debunked by an online post by Israel Today entitled Christian's anoint young Rabbi as false Messiah stating we have Received a lot of inquiries in recent

Weeks regarding reports that the Orthodox Jewish community in Israel has Anointed the Messiah which for Christians would mean a false Messiah we Say reports in quotation marks because The story appears nowhere in the Israeli Media not even in Orthodox Jewish news Outlets they're almost as eager as their Christian counterparts to address this Topic kind of strange if indeed a Consensus had been reached in the Orthodox Community regarding the Identity of the Messiah so know the Yanuka has not been anointed as the Messiah in Israel and whether or not he Will be anointed as their Messiah Remains to be seen by the way real quick If you're a new viewer of my channel and You have been inspired by this video Don't forget to subscribe like and click The Bell so you get notified about my Future uploads yanuka RAV yokuda Is definitely an interesting character And someone to keep an eye on he is Highly esteemed in the Orthodox Jewish Community they claim he has performed Several Miracles and they even call him Holy pure and say he has descended to Illuminate the world just like Jesus There has been much speculation Revolving around him in terms of him Being a false Messiah or the anti Christ But we can't come to that conclusion Just yet because neither he nor the

Orthodox Jewish Community has claimed That he is the Messiah not to mention The Antichrist is already here click on The video which you see on the screen to Discover the true identity of the Antichrist please share this video to Help spread God's word thank you for Watching and God bless you

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