Something PROPHETIC Is Happening in Turkey & Syria

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck parts Of Syria and turkey Monday killing more Than 9 600 people and injuring tens of Thousands according to the most recent Estimates and that number could rise Thousands of buildings collapsed leaving Victims trapped under Rubble rescue Efforts are ongoing In one pile of rubble a newborn baby was Discovered who is now recovering in the Hospital unfortunately its mother didn't Make it In addition rescue efforts have been Complicated by freezing weather and Aftershocks there have been over a Hundred aftershocks since the initial Quake Our hearts and prayers go out to the Victims of that earthquake and emergency Response Aid is desperately needed more Than 5 000 buildings including hospitals Have been destroyed and millions of People are now in need of human Assistance If you'd like to help I've included a Link to Android in the video description Which is the Adventist disaster relief Agency they are currently in Syria and Turkey providing humanitarian Aid What happened in turkey and Syria is Very tragic but aside from that it's Very prophetic speaking of signs of the End times Jesus said in Matthew chapter 24 verse 7.

Fornation will rise against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom and there will Be famines pestilences and earthquakes In various places So you may be saying There have always been earthquakes what Makes this one so special well it's not This earthquake per se which is a sign Of the end times for example Jesus Didn't specifically say that the Earthquake in Syria and turkey would Happen and then the end will come but When he spoke about earthquakes and Other end time signs he said in Matthew Chapter 24 verse 8 All these are the beginning of birth Pains Birth pains is another way of saying Contractions or labor pains and before a Woman a woman gives birth her Contractions become more frequent and More frequent and intense up until the Time that she delivers her child so According to Jesus we can expect signs That he spoke about to get more frequent And intense and that's one indication That we are living in the end times and That is exactly what we see According to a global report of natural Disasters by the international disaster Database natural disasters of all types Have skyrocketed since 1970. So you may be asking well why is this Happening why doesn't God put a stop to

This if he is so loving and merciful and The answer is sin notice what Jesus said In Matthew chapter 24 verse 12. And because lawlessness will abound the Love of many will grow cold Right after revealing some signs of the End times Jesus said lawlessness will Abound do you think there's a connection Here absolutely we live in a world which Is rapidly departing from God and His Word the governments of some of the most Advanced Nations promote things that are In offense to God like abortion Recreational drug use and same-sex Marriage to name a few now in the case Of turkey and Syria it may be a little Different because those are Muslim Countries and they have a tougher stance On drug use and same-sex marriage but Christian rights are limited there and Christians get persecuted there Sometimes that's not easy being a Christian in turkey and Syria and God Takes offenses which are committed Against his person his people personally For example when Jesus appeared to Saul During Saul's persecution against Jewish Christians Acts chapter 9 verse 4 tells Us Then he fell to the ground and heard a Voice saying to him Saul Saul why are You persecuting me All Things Considered why would God Protect a world that rejects him and his

World God's protection is on condition Of obedience For example Deuteronomy chapter 4 verse 40 tells us you shall therefore keep his Statutes and his Commandments which I Command you today that it may go well With you and with your children after You and that you may prolong your days In the land which the Lord your God is Giving you for all time When we disobey God God withdraws his Protection and leaves us vulnerable to The attacks of the devil and his angels So not only do bad things happen because We live in a world which is rebelling Against God it's under the attack of Satan as well Revelation chapter 12 Verse 12 tells us this Therefore Rejoice O heavens and you who Dwell in them woe to the inhabitants of The earth and the Sea for the devil has Come down to you having great wrath Because he knows that he has a short Time The devil knows there isn't much time Left until Jesus's return and he knows That his fate is destruction in the Lake Of Fire so he's doing everything he can To wreak havoc to this world before he's Taken out of the game So The reason we are seeing more natural Disasters Um

Is because this world is in Rebellion Against God and Satan is on a rampage And this is evidence that we are living In the end times unfortunately things Are not going to get better before the Lord Returns the Book of Revelation Speaks about seven last plagues being Poured out on the world before the Return of the Lord but then again at Least we have the second coming of Jesus To look forward to and then afterwards God will create a new Heaven and a new Earth with no more death crying or pain In the meantime how are Christians Supposed to live in this world second Peter chapter 3 verse 14 gives us the Answer It says therefore beloved looking Forward to these things be diligent to Be found by him in peace without spot And blameless In other words we should continue living The Christian Life in preparation for The Lord's return We should strive to be At peace with those around us and give a Good testimony of the power and love of God to others The world is falling apart Disasters like earthquakes take innocent Take the lives of innocent people And the cause of this is because the World is in Rebellion against God and Satan's Fury the good news is this is a Sign of the end times and Jesus is

Coming soon and after he returns we Won't have to put up with this anymore In the meantime let's try to live the Christian Life and help those in need When we can If you enjoyed this video feel free to Like it and share it to help spread God's word click on the screen to check Out some more of my prophecy videos Thank you for

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