Something DEMONIC Is Happening at the Asbury Revival…

On February the 8th 2023 a routine Chapel service started at Kentucky's Asbury University rapidly grew into a Non-Stop prayer session now called a Revival by many as a result of social Media posts trumpeting this revival People from all over the country have Traveled to Asbury University to take Part there have even been some International visitors one recent Twitter post by Greg Gordon states that Over 20 000 people visited Asbury on one Particular night and filled five Overflow buildings a grass lawn and There was a two and a half mile backup Of cars into Wilmore the city where Asbury is located in one instance a Supposed demon was cast out of a woman Here's a tick tock video by Pioneers for Christ showing what they claim to be a Demonically possessed woman being Delivered by another charismatic woman Every year Foreign You can hear her Proclaim Deliverance in Jesus's name and then a shriek from the Supposed demonically possessed woman Witnesses in the comments section Testified of this event one woman named Kamari G stated I had never witnessed This in person before but I was there For this and I'll never forget it cold Chills all over and that's not the only Supernatural manifestation during the

Osbury Revival an online post entitled Is the osbury Revival a real Revival by Slow to States and there are Also several people prophesying speaking In tongues casting out demons and Faith Healing at the chapel with all that Being said does that make the osbury Revival a genuine Revival I'm not so Sure about that and I don't think we Should be quick to jump to conclusions Rather we should test the spirits and The fruit of this revival before making Determinations the Bible tells us in First John chapter 4 verse 1 beloved do Not believe every Spirit but test the Spirits whether they are of God because Many false prophets have gone out into The world now I do have some concerns About the Asbury Revival which I am Going to share in just a minute but Before I do that I'm encouraged to see People from all over the nation and even Different parts of the world with such Hunger for Christ willing to get up and Travel without a moment's notice to try To satisfy their spiritual longings that Goes to show that the Harvest indeed is Plentiful and the laborers are few and When events like this happen it's a good Opportunity for us to share our faith I Have friends like Wyatt Allen who took This opportunity to share literature and Food with guests of the Revival and to Pray with them here's a clip from a

Video of his talking about his Experience well good evening Saints we Are still here and the group is growing Others are interested in still coming uh It's 7 P.M here they're actually said That they're gonna be uh this is gonna Be the last big night after this they're Gonna be winding things down we get the College back in the regular action and So while we're here we're gonna go until We are out of literature and uh it's Been I'm telling you it's hard to get Literature out and it's not because People aren't accepting it people love What we're giving them it's because People they want to pray with you they Want to share their stories people are Uh it's just it's just so exciting to See people who just love Jesus and they Want more of them and uh and I hope you Have that experience as well on a daily Basis but we end up taking our booth Down and now we've all got bags we're Going around person to person and uh Sharing what we have we still have some Food left we still have some water left Going around giving that out spiritual Food physical food and and people are Just hungering uh for for Jesus now About some concerns I have about this Revival apparently there was very little Gospel pre aging now I personally Haven't been to the Asbury Revival but I Have read stories online from people who

Have an online post entitled The Asbury Revival observations from a local Pastor By the states the campus Leader who was credited with the sermon That sparked the Revival read from Luke Chapter 18 verses 10-13 prayed and then The band played songs for the whole hour We were there students and visitors who Traveled from miles around stood singing With their hands raised some came Forward to pray in front of the stage You know when you compare this to Revivals in the Bible it's not the same Revivals in the Bible included gospel Preaching repentance a turning back to God and people making a commitment for God and getting baptized to name a few For example when the Holy Spirit was Poured out on the apostles on the day of Pentecost in Acts chapter 2 Peter Testified of Jesus as the Messiah and Called the Jews that were listening to Him to repent and be baptized in the Name of Jesus and about 3 000 people Made a commitment to Christ that day I Don't see that happening at the Asbury Revival I did see one video where an Altar call was made but they said Nothing about repenting and making a Commitment to Christ and that really Concerns me also I mentioned earlier That some people were casting out demons Prophesying and speaking in tongues at The Asbury Revival but those are not

Signs of a genuine Revival in and of Themselves as a matter of fact Jesus Warned that Satan would counterfeit These things in the last days in Matthew Chapter 7 verses 21 through 23 stating Not everyone who says to me Lord Lord Shall enter the kingdom of heaven but he Who does the will of my Father in Heaven Many will say to me in that day Lord Lord forward have we not prophesied in Your name cast out demons in your name And done many wonders in your name and Then I will declare to them I never knew You depart from me you who practice Lawlessness the people here who were Prophesying casting out demons and Performing Miracles obviously didn't do That by the power of God because Jesus Said that he didn't know them so where Did they get their power from second Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 9 gives us The answer it says the coming of the Lawless one is according to the working Of Satan with all power signs and lying Wonders Satan has power to counterfeit The Miracles of God and he does so to Deceive people and just like a God can Inspire true revivals which lead to Repentance and changed lives Satan can Inspire false revivals which are full of Emotion and sense station and once they Die down everyone just goes back to Their old way of life also the speaking In tongues taking place at the Asbury

Revival really concerns me I watched a Video where some people were babbling in Tongues at the Asbury Revival and that's Not the biblical form of speaking in Tongues that's a demonic counterfeit in Acts chapter 2 when the apostles Received the gift of tongues everyone Understood what they said it was a Miraculous ability to speak other Languages for the purpose of spreading The gospel the Babbling form of tongues Also known as glossolalia has no Consistent language pattern and no one Understands it it's confusing and First Corinthians Chapter 14 verse 33 says God Is not the author of confusion real Quick if you're new to my channel and You have enjoyed what you have been Watching so far and you want to be Informed when I create new Christian Videos make sure to subscribe to my Channel and click the Bell so you get Notified about my future uploads so Biblically speaking I don't think that Asbury Revival is a genuine Revival Unfortunately it has a lot of Indications of a false Revival there is Little to no gospel preaching people are Not being called to repent and commit Their lives to Jesus and baptism and it Seems very emotional in nature with a Lot of praising and singing going on Which is not necessarily bad there is a Time and a place for that but that's not

What the whole survey should consist of Do you think the Asbury Revival is a Genuine Revival let me know in the Comments section down below or have you Been to the Asbury Revival I'd like to Know please share your experience in the Comments section you are very valuable To God not only did God send Jesus to Die on the cross for your sins but when You lose your way he does everything in His power to reconcile you to God these Are some of the powerful lessons taught To us in the parable of the lost sheep And if you feel like you're a lost sheep And you are seeking reconciliation and Comfort from God click on the screen to Watch my video entitled you have no idea How valuable you are to God if you Enjoyed this video please like it and Share it to help spread God's word thank You for watching and God bless you

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