Searching For God

Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] There has to be more to life than Justice there just has to be [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign Coming out of the rain thank you that's Much better can you tell me do you sell Bibles here yes we do which version are You looking for version I didn't know There were different versions I thought There was just the Bible oh no there are Far too many different versions for my Liking these days and not all of them Are what could be considered the Inspired word of God is this your first Bible yes I found a little magazine I Think they're called gospel tracks on The bus the other day and it got me to Thinking well maybe I should get a Bible And do a little reading myself about What this is all about I see so this is your first Bible Well If you don't mind I would highly Recommend the King James Bible then it Can be a little difficult to read for

Some people at first but it is inspired By the Lord and it may be just what You're looking for [Music] Thank you [Music] Well that was I guess I could say Interesting is it like that every Sunday Oh yes it's a very emotionally charged Service we can really feel the Holy Spirit moving each time So the Holy Spirit moving is a lot of People jumping up and down raising their Hands in the air and yearning loudly at Times is that what he does Every time And it happens every Sunday morning here It's how we know we are saved by the way We feel I'm just curious does that feeling Continue all through the week for you That uplifting feeling if you don't have That feeling those positive emotions do You believe you're still safe You've just got to stay in the spirit my Friend he'll keep you happy all the week Long being happy is what serving Christ Is all about Foreign But there didn't seem to be much reading From the Bible is that normal or was This a special type of service Oh no it's been that way here for over Two years now well after we were alive

Back into the church after the pandemic Of course it's easy for us to see the Troubles that are Brewing out there in The world and we think it's important to Pay a lot of attention to them Yes there were quite a few disturbing Videos shown this morning quite a bit About what's going on around the planet So it's pretty much like this every Sunday oh yes the Rapture is so near now We need to concentrate on preparing Ourselves for it nothing else matters Right now as much as that one moment Does we need to keep searching all over The world for every sign of it No offense but it seemed like a lot of Repetition and tradition is it always Like that is this the standard form that Is Fallout every service Oh yes we believe firmly that repetition Leads to good character and obedience What we have determined as those who are The only true church is that the more The supplicants remain just that Former supplication a closer pay will be To understanding the truth And just what if I may ask is the truth As you see it the truth is that the Church of Rome is the only way to Salvation That we must work towards that salvation And that veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary The Eucharist and the sacraments

Although they do not guarantee salvation Can after a time spent in purgatory were Our final sins approach with inevitably Be of great assistance to the one who Desires to stand in the presence of God Well thank you for the invitation but I've been reading enough of the Bible Recently to know that everything you've Said is not in there and in fact seems To be in direct contradiction to it you Have a good day Foreign [Music] Well hello again to you what's it been Now almost three months did you find the Bible useful oh very much so it has Fulfilled its promise to me of Romans 10 17 so then Faith cometh by hearing and Hearing by the word of God I've tasted Of the Lord and found him to be good I Gave my life to him as soon as he showed Me the truth about himself and the Sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ Praise God praise God I am so happy to Welcome you into the family of Our Lord Have you found a good church yet no I Haven't I have had no difficulty finding Many that even with my limited knowledge I know do not serve the Lord but that's One of the main reasons I'm here today I Was wondering do you know of a church in The area that preaches Christ glorifies God and seek the will of the Holy Spirit In Our Lives yes I do it's a little off

The beaten path and not too many Attended but everyone that does is there To be shown how to seek the face of God For his glory tomorrow is Sunday would You like to ride along with me and spend The morning with some christ-centered Bible-based God-fearing people [Music] Foreign [Music]

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