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Pope Francis was recently quoted as Saying homosexuality is not a crime but A sin that's what I'm going to be Talking about in this video but before I Do that I'd like to thank first Freedom's foundation for sponsoring this Video first Freedom's Foundation is a Christian YouTube channel hosted by Barry Bussey including interviews and Commentary on current events involving Freedom of speech and freedom of Conscience here's a clip from one of Their videos we have to learn to live as A society with our brothers we cannot View our neighbor as our enemy if I view My neighbor as my enemy I want to Destroy him but if I view my neighbor as My brother I want to see him flourish in Society the Marxist ideology turns you Into different groups and other groups Or your enemies so you want to destroy And the Christian worldview says your Neighbor is your brother and is your Responsibility to lift him up we have to Make that basic philosophical decision In our Western Nations or we're going to Start falling apart talks click on the Card in the upper right hand corner of The screen or the link in the video Description to subscribe to First Freedoms foundation and check out some Of their videos today an online post Entitled Pope Francis says homosexuality Is not a crime but a sin by latimes.com

States Pope Francis criticized laws that Criminalize homosexuality as unjust Saying God loves all his children just As they are and called on Roman Catholic Bishops who support the laws to welcome Lgbtq people into the church Some 67 countries or jurisdictions Worldwide criminalize conceptual Same-sex sexual activity 11 of which can Or do impose the death penalty in the U.S more than a dozen states still have Anti-sodomy laws on the books despite a 2003 Supreme Court ruling declaring them Unconstitutional I don't always agree With what the Pope says but if we use The Bible as our guide I think most of Us would agree that homosexuals should Be treated like any other person this is A Biblical concept Jesus said in Luke Chapter 6 verse 31 and just as you want Men to do to you you also do to them Likewise so although we may not agree With their lifestyle homosexuals should Be granted the same rights to life Liberty and justice that you and I have The Pope asserts in the online post we Are all children of God and God loves us As we are no argument there but I would Like to add that because of his love for Us if we are willing he cannot and will Not leave us as we are rather he desires Through his love to transform Us by the Renewing of our minds Romans chapter 12 Verse 2 puts it this way and do not be

Conformed to this world but be Transformed by the renewing of your mind That you may prove what is that good and Acceptable and perfect will of God after We accept Jesus as our Lord and savior God changes us he changes the way we Think and act so it will be in harmony With his will we will see many of the Things that we were taught in the world Differently God helps us to distinguish Between what is right and wrong to Identify sin so that we can avoid it in The online post by the LA Times Francis Makes a distinction between crime and Sin saying homosexuality is not a crime But a sin so I think it would be a good Idea to dive a little deeper into that And explore the difference between crime And sin the Bible defines sin as the Transgression of God's law first John Chapter 3 verse 4 States whosoever Committed sin transgresseth also the law For sin is the transgression of the law And in terms of crime Google defines Crime as an action or a mission which Constitutes an offense and is punishable By law to put it simply sin is the Transgression of the law of God while a Crime is the transgression of man-made Laws sometimes the two intersect Sometimes they don't for example theft Is both a sin and a crime if you steal Something not only are you guilty in the Eyes of the Lord but you are also guilty

In the eyes of the law and you are Subject effect to judicial punishment Like fines or imprisonment the Definition of sin and crime are similar In the sense that in both cases a law is Broken whether God's law or man's law But one major difference is that man Sometimes tries to justify or even Celebrate acts that God has condemned in His word as sinful like homosexuality to Be clear I'm not talking about the state Of being homosexual but rather Homosexual acts in other words having Homosexual Temptations is not sinful but Acting on those Temptations is in the Old and New Testaments homosexual acts Are forbidden by God for example Leviticus chapter 18 verse 22 States you Shall not lie with a male as with a Woman it is an Abomination and Romans Chapter 1 verses 26 through 32 states That people who engage in same-sex Activity are committing what is shameful And are are deserving of death now I'm Not saying that I agree that homosexuals Deserve the death penalty when it says Deserving of death it's talking about The Divine judgment for sin which is Death and I don't think homosexuals Should be discriminated against I Believe we should treat people the way Jesus did even the Pharisees complained In Luke chapter 15 verse 2 this man Referring to Jesus receives Sinners and

Eats with them that being said the Bible Clearly condemns same-sex activity and I Think it should not be condoned or Encouraged by Society or the church Giving homosexuals equal rights is fair And the Christian thing to do but Encouraging that kind of lifestyle is a Mistake because it's encouraging sin but One common argument from homosexuals to Justify their lifestyle is they can't Help it they were born that way and That's why the Bible says you need to be Born a again Jesus said in John chapter 3 verse 3 most assuredly I say to you Unless one is born again he cannot see The kingdom of God to be born again Means that the spirit of God changes you So much it's like you're a new person You no longer have the same sinful Habits and lifestyle as before even in Your sexual conduct first Thessalonians Chapter 4 verses 3 through 4 puts it This way for this is the will of God Your sanctification that you should Abstain from sexual immorality that each Of you should know how to possess his Own vessel in sanctification and honor I Could attest to this not because I was Gay or anything like that but because God changed my life I used to use a lot Of drugs and alcohol I was a criminal And as a result I spent eight years in Federal prison for drug trafficking and Gun possession I became a Christian in

Prison and today I use no drugs I drink No alcohol I have a family a legit job a House and people who I share my Testimony with can't believe I used to Be a criminal and spent nearly a decade In prison because I'm just not that Person anymore that's what God did for Me and if God gave me the victory over Living a sinful life I know he can give You the victory as well no matter if You're a homosexual or not so even if You feel you were born that way that Doesn't mean you have to stay that way You have a choice choose Jesus back to The online post by the LA Times it says Francis's comments which were hailed by Gay rights Advocates as a milestone are The first uttered by a pope about such Laws but they are also consistent with His overall approach to lgbtq people and Believe that the Catholic church should Welcome everyone and not discriminate Now although I'm not going to encourage You to go to the Catholic church because I personally came out of the Catholic Church and now attend The Seventh-Day Adventist Church I think this is the Right attitude for churches to have when It comes to gay issues we should not Discriminate against them we should be Just as warm and friendly to them as we Are to other guests of our church Otherwise how else are they supposed to Learn the gospel that's what going to

Church is for so that we can learn about God's Plan of Salvation And His will for Our lives if we discourage anyone from Visiting our churches we may in effect Be shutting them out from the grace of God Pope Francis said being gay is not a Crime but a sin and I totally agree with That in most modern countries around the World including Poland where I live There are no laws against being a Homosexual and homosexuals should have Equal rights and not be discriminated Against gay p people are our neighbors Too and the Bible tells us to love our Neighbor as we love ourselves however That doesn't mean that living a Homosexual lifestyle is acceptable in The eyes of God it's not it's a sin the Bible is clear about that and being born Gay is not an excuse to justify that Kind of Lifestyle we all are born with Sinful Natures with Tendencies toward Immoral behaviors that's why the Bible Says we need to be born again all things Considered we should take opportunities That God gives us to share the gospel With gay people in a respectful way and If they're open to it invite them to our Churches so they can learn about God and His life-changing power because that is What we have been called to do even some New testament Believers were converted From a homosexual lifestyle First Corinthians chapter 6 verses 9 through

11 says do you not know that the Unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom Of God do not be deceived neither Fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers Nor homosexuals nor sodomites nor Thieves nor Covetous nor drunkards nor Revilers nor extortioners will inherit The kingdom of God and such were some of You but you were washed but you were Sanctified but you were justified in the Name of the Lord Jesus and by the spirit Of our God there's only one way the Homosexuals mentioned here were Converted somebody shared the gospel With them do you or someone you know Have a testimony of how God gave you the Victory over homosexual Temptations or Living let me know in the comments Section down below Not only would I like To read your testimony but it also May Encourage others going through the same Struggle right now also even if your Struggle was not with homosexuality but You would like to share your testimony Anyway whatever it may be now is your Chance to glorify your Redeemer by Sharing how his Amazing Grace has Transformed your life in the comments Section down below don't be shy your Testimony is one of the most powerful Things that you can share with people to Convict them of the power and love of God nobody likes to be pressured into Supporting agendas they don't believe in

Especially NHL hockey player Ivan Provorov who was told to wear a pride Jersey during a hockey warm-up which he Refused because of his religious beliefs Find out what happened next by clicking On the screen to watch my video entitled He refused to wear the pride Jersey then This happened thank you for watching and God bless you

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