The fruit of the righteous is a tree of Life and he that went as Souls is wise The reason that we speak to people about Where their soul will reside for all Eternity has many different reasons we Desire to see the Lord glorified and if One more comes to him then there is one More to glorify him we know they're in If they do not repent and There Is No Escape no reprieve from that place but I Believe at the Forefront of our minds One of the main reasons is because we Understand the grace of God in this Matter we were not worthy to be chosen And we spend much of our time wondering Why us why choose me Lord We have been blessed by the Holy Spirit To understand first John 4 19. we love Him because he first loved us with the Love that called A Lost Sinner in Rebellion against him to himself we were Not worthy of such a calling yet he Chose us So we speak to them we try to convince Them that even as they are right now They are loved that he will accept them Just as they are and that he loves them So much that he will not leave them Where they are as he draws them closer To himself they will be changed just as We are being changed transformed by the Blessings of the holy spirit for the Glory of God Then Peter said Silver and Gold Have I

None but such as I have give ivy We do not promise them riches fame or Fortune or any of the things of this World we do not promise them health or The diminishing of whatever ailment they May be in we do not tell the lame they Will walk or the blind that they will See we tell them that they are loved Today and promise them that they will be Loved throughout all eternity There is no statement from us that they Must do this or that no rules or Regulations no Traditions or laws that They must adhere to Simply one truth That if Thou shalt confess with thy Mouth the Lord Jesus and shalt believe In thine heart that God hath grazed them From the dead Thou shalt be saved Our Testimony May assist them who we Were before Christ who we are now and Why for many of us if they look upon Our Lives now they may Wonder with all that Has happened to you since you gave your Life to Jesus Christ why do you continue Love because he loved me enough to take Upon himself the wrath of God that was Set to fall upon me because he suffered Death for me because I was guilty and he Paid the price because he loves me You can tell them about the Eternal Kingdom that awaits all who call upon His name about Joy forevermore about Life Unspeakable happiness about eternal

Peace but all you have to offer them Today is the knowledge the truth that They are loved the Lord offers healing Of the heart he offers a peace that Passes all understanding of contentment In whatever state we may be founding of The Assurance of the love that will Never end that will continuously grow Forever Unless the love of the Lord Jesus Christ Is flowing through you they will never Hear these words coming from your lips Unless you willingly submit to the will Of the Father by the power of the holy Spirit because of the love that has been Given to you through the Lord Jesus Christ you will rock right past them If we are not loving if we are not kind And compassionate if we do not show a Concern for their Immortal Soul we are Nothing Oh no man anything but you love one Another For he that loveth another hath Fulfilled the law

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