Losing Focus

In a moment in the twinkling of an eye At the last Trump for the trumpet shall Sound and the dead shall be raised Incarnitable and we shall be changed [Music] They're somewhere around here I want Every one of this case search and those Christians brought to me now Over Jesus save us come back now And if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you unto Myself Not where I am they may be awesome We seem to have a problem my friends I would like to quote to you from a Small section of a book I have been Recently reading written in 1938 by a Man named William R Newell The Earthly Ministry of the churches Failed that iniquity will abound And evil men and sidious Works worse and Worse in professing Christendom I ask you to contemplate three parts of That sentence Fast the words has failed secondly well Abound and lastly in professing Christendom You will call themselves after the name Of our Lord Jesus Christ care to believe That the church has indeed failed at the Task that was set before it Yet it takes for rental to look upon the World that we live in today to see the Truth of these words

I don't know how much more of this I can Take it's becoming unbearable Hold on my friend hold on the Lord May Return at any moment Then we which our life and remain shall Be caught up together with them with the Clouds To meet the Lord in the air and so shall We ever be with the Lord [Music] I know that many of you watching this Video May disagree with the statement That I read just a moment ago That the Earthly Ministry of the church Has failed But I am going to offer you here another Fact One that you may not want to hear but is Also the truth and testify to By many men of God throughout the Centuries Approximately only 30 percent of the People in any given Evangelical assembly Are truly born again The verse stands as truth For many are called but few are chosen For nearly 2 000 years we have awaited The return of the Lord Jesus Christ to Take us up into the clouds and lead us Into his eternal Kingdom Many have died have taken their last Breath here with that thought on their Minds [Music]

I am not going to copy and paste 100 Images that will correlate to the words I am speaking I will not show you images From throughout the centuries of those Who have come before us Those who sat in prison cells waiting For the Lord to return but instead heard The steps of the one who was coming to Torture them again Those who sought relief from the current Circumstances around them And Desiring to escape them by means of The Rapture instead of facing them in The strength that the Lord has blessed Us with This video was not made to call the loss To repentance in Christ Our Lord There are plenty of other ones on this Channel meant to do just that This video is meant to call into action Those who profess Jesus Christ as Lord Of Their Lives who truly have been Crucified with him But who spend the majority of their time Waiting for the Rapture searching every Possible venue for those so-called Imminent signs those who have been born Again those who are that 30 percent Ought to be working not waiting we are To be searching for the Lost not Searching the skies The Rapture is not to be our main Concern it never was meant to be so We are commanded to comfort one another

With these words not spend the majority Of our time on a singular moment in Future history which may or may not come In your lifetime This is a message of reproving rebuking And correcting it is meant for those who Have been crucified with Christ it is Meant for those who Post online that Jesus is coming back soon but do little Else They do not go out into the marketplace And the streets searching for the lost They do not go online and offer The Plan Of Salvation They do not go to the endless supply of False prophets on social media sites Rebuking them reaching out to those in The comments sections that are being Deceived by them Bye friends the Earthly Ministry of the Church has failed Recall what I read to you in the Beginning of this poorly made video That iniquity will abound and evil men And seducers show wax worse and worse in Professing Christendom of all these Things we shall be certain Well in professing Christendom And those who attend church with you who Professed to know Jesus as Lord but Whose hearts are far from him there are Fewer of us than we might like to think My friends and of those Many will not receive a single reward

They fulfill Luke 17 10 doing only that Which was commanded of them And thereby making themselves Unprofitable Are we nearing the end of the age of the Gentiles of this age of Grace Yes the surety of this is clearly seen Because iniquity shall abound the love Of many shall wax cold But that is not to be the main focus of Our ministry nothing has changed from The Commandment that we were given Reach out to the lost with the message Of salvation Encourage the brethren in any and every Way that you can And by the power of the word of God and The Holy Spirit to convict all Regardless if they heed the calling of The Lord or not It is a very Subtle trap of our adversary To cause us to seek for the next sign The next event the next breaking news That supposedly will be the last before The return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ are we to warn them of what is Approaching the days of Jacob's trouble Yes of course But that will do them little good if you Do not warn them of the Eternal Damnation that awaits them if they do Not repent A call upon the name of the Lord for the

Salvation of their soul I'm so sorry for making you wait so long Sir one of our other waitresses didn't Show up to work this morning and the Delivery truck is late again I'm afraid It's becoming the normal way of things That's quite all right young lady I am In no hurry today the sun is shining and The Lord is in control Of course sir can I offer you another Cup of coffee while your order is being Prepared Yes please Lady Question You don't have to answer it of course I will completely understand if you Choose not to Mike I ask though Who do you say Jesus Christ is [Music] [Music]

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