Listening to the Audio Bible: Discovering Chapter 14 of Book of Joshua in NKJV Version

Are you looking for a unique way to engage with the Bible? Have you considered listening to the audio version instead of reading it? In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of listening to the Audio Bible and take a deeper dive into Chapter 14 of the Book of Joshua in the NKJV version. Join us as we discover the powerful insights and wisdom this chapter has to offer.

Listening to the Audio Bible: Discovering Chapter 14 of Book of Joshua in NKJV Version


The Book of Joshua is the sixth book of the Bible and is nestled in the Old Testament. This book is a part of the historical record of the Israelites’ conquest of Canaan, the Promised Land. This article is an audio journey of discovery into Chapter 14 of the Book of Joshua. This chapter follows the successful battle campaign against the kings of Canaan and delves into the inheritance of the land by the children of Israel.

The Inheritance of Children of Israel in Canaan

Chapter 14 starts with the division of the land of Canaan through inheritance. The land was distributed by Joshua, Eleazar the priest, and the heads of fathers of tribes. Caleb, who was a part of the tribe of Judah, took his turn at the inheritance with the rest of the tribes. He approached Joshua and reminded him of the promise made to him by Moses. Caleb was promised a specific portion of the land because he exhibited unwavering faith and courage.

The Distribution of the Inheritance

The inheritance was not distributed equally among all the tribes. Each tribe was given a portion of land based on its position and strength. The Levites were not given any inheritance but were given cities to dwell in. Caleb, who has already been mentioned above, was granted the mountain of Hebron. He asked for this particular portion of the land because it was inhabited by the Anakim, a legendary race of giants.

Allocations for Levites

The Levites were not given any land because their inheritance was the Lord Himself. This was established in the Book of Numbers, where God commanded Moses to give the Levites forty-eight cities with pasturelands to live in. These cities were distributed throughout the land of Canaan, and the Levites were to offer religious services in the temple.

Caleb’s Request

After Caleb reminded Joshua of the promise made to him, he asked for the mountain of Hebron. The mountain was formerly known as Kirjath Abba and was the greatest among the Anakim. Caleb’s request was granted because of his faith and courage. Joshua gave him the portion of land, and Hebron became his inheritance.

The Blessing of Caleb

After Caleb was granted the mountain, Joshua blessed him and gave him the city of Hebron as an inheritance. Joshua acknowledged Caleb’s faith and courage and how he stood up with Joshua when the rest of the Israelites lacked faith.

The Resting of the Land

The chapter ends by stating that the land rested from war. The children of Israel had finally conquered the promised land and were ready to settle in their inheritance.

In conclusion, Chapter 14 of the Book of Joshua tells a story of faith and courage. It teaches us about the nature of inheritance, how it is divided, and how it is received. Listening to the audio Bible allows us to delve deeper into the contextual aspect of the Book of Joshua. This chapter teaches us about how Caleb, through his unwavering faith and courage, was able to claim His inheritance and how the Levites were allocated towns for their inheritance in the land. Finally, this chapter teaches us about resting in our inheritance after receiving it.

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