Incredible Scientific Discoveries That CONFIRM the Bible

Job chapter 26 verse 7 tells us that God Hangs the world on nothing we know today That the world floats in outer space but This was written in the Book of Job Thousands of years ago Job chapter 28 Verse 25 says the wind has weight this Was confirmed in the 17th century by Sir Isaac Newton's Laws of Motion Job Chapter 28 verse 5 tells us as for the Earth from it comes bread but underneath It is turned up as by fire we understand From science that temperatures in the Earth's core range from between 7 900 to About 10 800 degrees Fahrenheit the list Goes on with constellations like Pleiades Orion Nazareth and Arcturus Mentioned in Job chapter 38 science Again confirms Bible inspiration and Strengthens our faith in the one who Counts the number of the stars and calls Them all by name

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