In This Age

In this short video you will not see a Story played out you will not see a cast Of characters images of nature buildings Or any other sort for I believe that at Times those images can distract from What is important and I believe the Words that will be spoken to you today Hold Eternal value if you have been Blessed with ears to hear I ask only That you listen A man's heart deviseth his way but the Lord directeth his steps for the Scriptures saith unto Pharaoh even for This same purpose have I raised thee up That I might show my power in thee and That my name might be declared Throughout all the Earth you may add Nebuchadnezzar the Roman Empire and the Time of Christ and very likely nearly Every nation and leader despot or Godly To this list This creation and all that is in it Belongs to the Living God but the heart Of man is only evil continuously and in His free will he attempts to stand Against him who sits on the throne of Eternity If all our steps were directed we would Have no free will of any sort and that Is not Truth for we do all men ever born Have But I believe that some have been chosen By the Lord to alter the course of the Future for his designed end and the

Scriptures support this from the days That the Lord created the heavens and The Earth until we walk into eternity at The end of this age the Lord God has Been in control nothing has not gone as He has planned no deviation has needed To be performed because of any action of Man That in the ages to come he might show The exceeding Riches of his grace and His kindness toward us through Christ Jesus this will always be so Satan was created for a purpose in this Age when he and all those who were cast Out with him from heaven when the wicked And death and hell are all cast into the Lake of Fire this age will come to an End and another will begin what our Purpose in these endless ages upon ages Will be in totality has not been Revealed to us forever we will be the Righteousness of God in Christ forever He will be our high priest and that Should be enough for us to know I would like to point out something to You today though something I have found To be disturbing I am watching Men of God leading their flocks those in their Assemblies on paths that tend to focus On the depravity and evil of this world In its present state but not on how to Glorify God on the trials and Tribulations not only of this world but Of nearly all mankind today but not on

How to prepare their hearts to serve in These evil days Whatever the most popular news they have Witnessed from the last week is what the Sermon on Sunday will be about or what Will be discussed in the next video they Produce for public viewing not how to Worship the most high in reverence fear And humility not how to stand for the Truths of the scriptures they offer many Times little more than regurgitated news Stories with a Christian twist And the days our Lord walked upon this Earth Rome pressed a heavy hand down Upon the children of Israel the people Of that day looked for their Messiah to Come and free them from that bondage From the Yoke of Rome But unless my memory fails me the only Thing Christ ever mentioned about Rome Was rendered to Caesar the things that Are Caesars and to God the things that Are gods If the Lord is indeed directing your Steps then why do you spend so much time Being concerned about the direction the World is going why do the before and After conversations in your church Nearly always start with did you hear What happened why do you fear if you are Hit in Christ Being conformed to the World includes Spending time searching for the next new Sign the next so-called important news

Event making videos even to my own shame At times that are more concerned with The way the world is going instead of How we are to represent the Lord Jesus Christ in it If this short video accomplishes only One thing I pray that it is this that Your day would revolve around the things Of God that you would set your affection On things above not on things on the Earth Stand against the evil but do not spend Your days searching for it instead Concentrate on that which you have been Sent to accomplish to lift up the name Of the Lord Jesus Christ for the glory Of God the world is going in the exact Path that the Lord has set it on rest in This truth

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