In The Days of Jacobs Troubles

[Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Look at what I have given then in only Three short years they have more than They could ever have imagined in all Human history yet they still attempt to Stand against me The power of the Sun the wind the waves Even the very atoms of the Earth itself All this I have given to them and still Some refuse to submit to my authority We did this last incursion happened In the southern district sir Area 14 Quadrant 27. I was informed that area was decimated Months ago Why are there still people living there It was Sir as far as I was told But others have moved into it They have disobeyed the command monster All of them have refused to Mark and Have attempted Insurrection at every Possible level Fools you supers I want that area Leveled I wanted white cleaned every Living thing never moved from the face Of the planet

But sir we have spies within that area Should we not remove them first You Did you hear the order I just gave Yes sir I'll see to it immediately sir [Music] The five days left before I give my Speech to the world from The Citadel I Want the Ten Kings here tomorrow No excuses Where is the prophet Rosa [Music] Get in here as well We will discuss these continuing Insurrections and put a stop to them We will show what is left of those who Will not obey my rule What the penalty is for disobedience [Music] Sir I don't mean to be a bar but lately I've been feeling some uncertainties Uncertainties are you experiencing some Doubts young steward what could possibly Cause you to experience such emotions When Sovereign leader Came Upon the World stage that was ecstatic nothing Seemed to be outside of his power Use led us into path that many of us Thought and approachable even impossible But please continue I assure you that You have my full attention The newly found power sources the Incredible advancements that we're going

To be for the betterment of mankind that He himself called the age of man Many of them seem to be only for those At the very top While most are left to fend for Themselves some were starving many are Dying We called for all to receive the mark in Either their hand or forehead I believe This to be a good thing but now I see That many of those who have decide Against it are suffering if this is as He says the age of man should not all be Able to prosper And we had such high hopes for you [Music] We need a replacement get a hold of Romano tell him to get on one of the Other Jets immediately We're leaving now Gentlemen I want to express my sincerest gratitude To each of you for arriving here on such Short notice I assure you that your obedience will Not go unrewarded We have all struggled through tremendous Difficulties in these last few short Years they've indeed been turbulent Times Billions of people have died many of the Continents now lie uninhabited or at Best Have only a few poor souls who struggle

To attempt to make life bearable The famines Plagues earthquakes fires and floods Have torn our planet apart but here in This Magnificent City I have built The age of man will once again bring the Glory of the earth back to better than It was before Each of you have done a fine job in Rebuilding your kingdoms The majority of your populace have come To realize the extreme effort that you Have put into building this new world This age of man but there are still some Areas where the foolish have attempted To rebel against this new and better way Of life Tomorrow you will see an exhibition at The end of my patience with just one of These groups And I suggest that each of you pay close Attention to what happens to those who Will not conform to my will in this new Age of man The majority of those who live in your Kingdoms The kingdoms that I have given you Have received the mark Either in their hands or as you my Favorite one sir In their forehead but there are still Small pockets of people who have refused To do so Those who still call themselves by the

Name of the old God the ones who brought Upon us all this grief and misery in the First place These Christians must be dealt with Harshly The Guillotines are working overtime But that is not enough And so tomorrow you will see part of my Answer to this problem And I am expecting each of you when you Return back to those kingdoms I have Given you to do the same or I can find Someone to replace any one of you But enough of the business of the day You are all invited to attend the gala Function that will be held in my honor This evening And of course in yours as well I leave You with this then when each of you Returned your areas You will find a new shipment of Highly Efficient weapons Specifically designed to assist you in Ridding the planet of these followers of The old ways I expect each of you to Employ them vigorously and with extreme Prejudice against those who stand in my Way Thank you We're going to need a diversion more Than one That's what all these are for But there's no way that we're going to Get even one of them inside that

Building We don't need to that's not what they're For We'll have some of the minds set outside On the streets a few blocks away set Them up to be remotely controlled at Just the right time The grenades are for when the guards Come running towards the explosions Remember we're not setting out to kill Any of them that's not what we're called To do No just one of them Soldier bring up Area 14 Quadrant 27 yes sir I still don't understand how you're Going to get in that building without The mark much less get close enough to Him to do what needs to be done You have to remember John worked on the construction of a Coliseum from the very beginning until It was almost completed When they said if you didn't receive the Mark you couldn't work there anymore He quit You I want to one Megaton nuclear device Attached to a class for drone get it Done now yes sir I was on the structural Crew everything from the foundation to The steel and cross members as well as a Lot of the concrete work I know a Weigh-in if they haven't blocked you off There's a manhole cover under supports

Our C5 Daniel went to take a look at it About a week ago late at night It's really heavy but he was able to Lift it up and shine a light down in the Opening that much we know All right but what are the parts we Don't know visualization Put it on the screen Get me a life reading number It was made as an access tunnel concrete Line to bring items into a section of The building just small pieces of Equipment for one of the pump rooms But there's a chef that comes up just a Few feet behind the main stage Right where you'll be speaking in five Days Let's say that the tunnel is still open That the shaft is still there and that The floor hatch isn't covered up or Sealed and that you can open it what's The plan just pop up from the floor and Do what needs to be done That's a lot of things that can go wrong John at approximately 300 units I forget The anus Fusion sir mostly complicated In a Village Center Then that's where I want that drone to Proceed to give me an ETA yeah I know But it's what we've got remember we all Know how the scriptures say he is going To receive a mortal wound in other words He's going to die I'll be dressed as one Of the main Gods we've got the uniform

That we found on that dead one a month Or so ago if they haven't decide on Different ones for this occasion I'll Fit right in Okay granted but like I said what are You going to do just pop up out of the Floor and head straight for him No not exactly that's what the minds are For It should take me six minutes from the Time I enter the manhole opening to the Time I reached the floor cover on the Stage Give me one minute to pray and prepare Myself and then set off the mines The moment they hear them going off They'll be debited just long enough Hopefully for me to open the hatch you Get up on the stage well out of sight From everyone hopefully 23 minutes sir the weapon is attached to The Drone sir ready to departed your Command They're not going to stop what they're Doing because of some explosions outside At that moment of diversion should be All he needs The guards around the building will come Running along with almost all the drones It's very unlikely that any of us Outside will be returning back here We'll leave that in the hands of the Lord As we do with everything in our lives

We've already placed three small Explosive devices on the main circuit Breaker for the lights inside the Coliseum they're not enough to do any Real damage and they're not meant to the Breaker will automatically trip back to The on position but those few seconds Will give me the time to open the hatch And get inside right on the stage Hopefully You may be wrong about those of us on The outside but I think I can guarantee You one thing my friend You are not going to be coming back here If you succeed No I won't But I know that my redeemer lives and I Know that where I'll be going there will Be no more suffering or pain If they catch you it will be unbearable Make it happen now The call to follow Christ is a call to Suffer To Beijing And to carry our cross This is the burden he has laid upon me And I accept it willingly no matter the Consequences to myself Is Christ and today is gain I look who's back That didn't take very long nope not long At all the Lord is being very merciful To us today look at this three cans not One label on any of them so it looks

Like we're in for a surprise wow now That is a blessing I'll get the opener for the canes and The spoons I met some more people today Brothers and Sisters in Christ down the Dark alley I heard them praying and After I was sure they were followers of Christ I came up to them and introduced Myself Now that's a greater blessing than the Food are they all right how are they Doing is there anything they need yes They seem to be doing well as can be Expected they've got food and birthing And a safe place to stay for now I told Them we would be in contact with them Tomorrow we said a quick prayer together And then I came right back here as fast As I could praise God There seems to be so few of us who he is Calling it's always a blessing when we Get the opportunity to meet other Believers yes but I also saw about a Dozen others maybe more they were not Ones that I wanted to notice me what They were doing was beyond despicable I Couldn't believe what I saw there is so Much more evil in this world today than I ever thought possible if only I would Have heard the voice of the Lord before The Rapture we've all thought the same Thing my friend a thousand times Us the Lord for strength to guide you And us

Now let's pray and see what we've been Blessed with for food today thank you Gracious Lord Thank you for the fruit we are about to Receive from your great Provisions thank You for the safe place today and for Those that we will meet tomorrow that You have also called unto yourself We ask again that you would forgive us For being hard-hearted and missing the Calling away of your Saints at the day Of the Rapture but we ask Harmony that He would guide us in your will until you Call us home in the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ we ask these things Amen amen amen all right then here we go Let's open the first one well with you Look at that Peaches I can't remember How long it been since I tasted a sweet Delicious What was that it felt like an earthquake Let's get up top I want to see what's Going on Oh no how far away do you think it is 20 miles maybe 30. it looks like it's in The center of the city or at least what Was left of the city from a couple of Years ago There's no end here's cruelty Is there He wants all of us dead No and it's only going to get worse the Entire world or at least what's left of It is being deceived by that monster

Apparently The Guillotines went fast Enough for him praise God they haven't Noticed us yet Come on we better get back underground The Shockwave will be here soon and we Don't want to be outside when it does Profit what words have you for me Things are going well much of the Population is completely under our Control they fear to step out of line Going well have you no eyes have your Ears begun to fail you I have two of the most powerful weapons Ever conceive in the history of man on Top of this building Thousands of gods Patrol the streak Beneath my feet Drones encicle this building constantly And you say things are going well You knew better than to expect total and Absolute obedience not all are willing To follow you or take the mark Be that as it may if we lose a few Thousand more there are still Millions Who are willing to serve me These uprisings no matter how small Are to be quenched in each of the Ten Kings Nations I will find others to take the place If I do not see 10 nuclear weapons Exploding on my map within the r I will pay a personal visit to the Kingdom that dares to Define Examples are to be made of these who

Still follow the old God As you wish but that is not why you Called me here is it Very perceptive of you Just as you have always been in two days I will be giving a major speech in the Coliseum I want you there I want them to See the power that is wielded by me Something special for the crowd It can be arranged the image of the Beast has always proven to be quite Persuasive to the masses You know the prophecy as well as any Though perhaps better and I saw one of His heads as it were wounded to death And his deadly wound was healed that Time will be approaching soon perhaps a Smaller venue would be a wiser choice at This time I will have sufficient security there Both inside the building and around the Perimeter The highest of Technologies No one will be allowed entrance without The strictest of protocol If they have not the mark in their hand Or forehead and they attempt to enter They are to be killed at once As I said examples are sometimes Necessary Uh they're now that is what I wanted to See Obedience without any questioning that Is the sign of a true servant

The transport we captured a few months Ago is prepped and ready to go The transponder still corresponds to the Registration number They'll think it's delivering dry goods Or at least we hope they will It's going to take at least six hours to Get there though If all goes well you should be able to Land completely unnoticed We've got to make sure all our watches Are synchronized the rest of you won't Be arriving to new Babylon until Tomorrow and we'll have no way of Contacting each other I'll be able to Hide out in the back Calis until it's Time to enter into the Coliseum Plenty of time to pray and prepare Myself The watches are all taken care of You won't be able to take any weapons Along with you they'll be picked up by The security radar just the knife Have you got the military suit all ready To go Yes there's no markings of any kind left On it that will be able to set me apart From any of the others on the stage We've just got to hope that they haven't Changed anything on them that we haven't Heard of All our prayers are with you you know That but I still need to speak my mind I still say there's a lot that could go

Wrong that might be welded shut or worse It might be heavily guarded the tunnel Might have been closed off the trapdoor Sealed or like you said you might pop up On the stage and be the only one dressed In that uniform Are you sure about this John we've been Praying about it for months now You know as well as all of us here that We've asked the Lord continuously that If any of this is against his will that He would put up roadblocks so he Couldn't carry through with it and you Know as well as the rest of us that Everything we have planned Has Come Together flawlessly I can't see it as any other way than the Hand of God leading us Then it's time to sell goodbyes it's Time to ask for the almighty's blessings On this and to prepare our hearts for Whatever his will is for us All right How many are in attendance The Coliseum holds 250 000 people's Sovereign leader every seat Is occupied where available standing Room has been offered there are several Large monitors placed outside of the Venue for those who are not allowed into The building or could not gain entrance Every broadcast system on the planet Will Air this event Good

Good Those who have obeyed will find my Speech quite uplifting this evening They will realize the fruits of their Labors Those who have disobeyed will hear of The newest punishments prepared for them In this age of man all must be willing To sacrifice and those who do not will Be sacrificed Profit after my speech You will instruct all in attendance of The necessary requirements that will be Placed upon them So that they may even further Relish in The lives they now know and of course So that my unquestionable authority is Not hindered I want cameras to record any semblance Of disobedience Even the smallest twitch of the faces to A downcast eye is to be note Yes it will be done as you say This will be my finest hour [Music] You will rise up for me against the evil Doers Or he'll stand up for me against the Workers of iniquity [Music] People of the new age of man all in Attendance and all who are watching Citizens of the planet Earth Free

Before I introduce our Sovereign leader This evening I ask that you would Indulge me with just a short amount of Your time we are free indeed my friends Free from the corruption that plagued This planet for so long the corruption Of men seeking for themselves The Bounty And Riches of this Earth all men are Indeed equal now all are allowed to Pursue their dreams to find happiness Within the construct of our new and Great civilization [Applause] Gone are the days of greed avarice and Jealousy gone are the times when men Would struggle with their fellow man for The goodness of the riches of our mother Earth we live as one now we live in the Age of man The world's religions all of them Causing strife frustrations apathy and Even War have become one we serve who Man was always meant to serve serve Himself I am no more than a humble Servant to all of you your cares are my Cares your struggles are my struggles I Have been set in this position only Because of great Sovereign leader saw in Me that which I could not see in myself A great humility and desire to serve Those whom he cares so much about his Fellow man Without him we would all be lost Struggling to survive in a world that

Had nearly completely destroyed itself Without him we would be dead or Worse we Would still be tearing ourselves apart Until none were left he is our Messiah Foreign [Applause] Serving each other lifting up each other Glorying in the desires of our hearts And all thanks to the leadership of him Who set us free from the bondage of Religion our great and humble sovereign There are still some who refuse To the Wonders that have been given to Us those who deny the right of our Sovereign leader to form man into the Image he has envisioned for us we try to Reach out to them we try to help them to See the errors of their ways but many Will not listen Cling to the old gods to one who they Believe will come to save them save them From what look around you are we not Prosperous are we not leading mankind Into a new and wonderful future [Applause] The old God is dead he has been replaced With the gods of this age those of you Sitting here tonight those of you who Have realized that man's righteous to Choose his own path to fulfill every Desire of his heart to lift himself up Above the heavens and cry out I am a God I humble myself before you tonight has Nothing more than one willing to serve

One whose only desire is to see you Happy and fulfilled I will do all in my Power to make every moment of your life One of great joy in this age of man all Are welcome but I warn you I will become Vengeance and death to all who would Attempt to stop any thing that would Hinder our growth there will be no mercy For the disobedient People of the age of man I give to you Our sovereign [Applause] [Applause] My children I am among you The title that you have inferred upon me Of sovereign leader I have finally come To accept for myself And I do so in great humility and Humbleness for your trust in me It has been my honor and privilege to Serve my fellow man and I thank all of You for your service not only to me and The great cause we have envisioned Together To also to each other Nathan Nathan can you hear me coming Nathan Kevin Keep radio silence but those drones will Track your location and be on you in a Second if you don't keep quiet [Music] This mine isn't working The numbers are flashing nothing but

Zeros and the red lights are blinking That mine is sequenced with all the Others if it doesn't go off first none Of the other ones will We've got less than 45 seconds before Jon opens that hatch It has to go off on time where Everything will be lost [Music] The age of men is fully upon us We have lived through much and I fear There may be more trials for us to bear In the coming days But we will bear them together as one as The new gods of this planet Heaven less than 10 seconds in to get Out of there Repeat abort the mission [Music] Lord Jesus Take my hand There are still those who are attempting To stand in our way towards the Glorious Future that we have set for ourselves Just recently you saw my response to Those who have decided that they do not Want to walk into a bright future with Us But instead would return us to the dark Days of those who came before us Those who serve not only the gods of Their own imagination The imaginary golf the so-called Bible But also the lust and their greed their

Religion almost destroyed the human race But we will put a stop to these who Would try to stop Mankind from his right To be the gods of our own destiny I think Evan's gone Nathan the drones run Get moving Father we've been praying for you to Show usual in this matter for many Months now If I have not heard you properly please Forgive me if I have gone out of your Will in this matter please forgive me if This is not what we are supposed to do Then please this final moment let this Actually not open let it be blocked if Not Lord then guide my hands in these Final moments of my life and prepare my Heart to come into your presence For the glory of God and for the Lord Jesus Christ I will be like The most Hi [Music] Thank you [Music] Thank you [Music]

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