I Asked an AI Art Generator to Distill a Whole King James Bible Passage Down Into a Single Image

I just made a video where we took Matthew 8 the part where Jesus calms the Storm and we divided it up in little Chunks and let an AI art generator make An image for each of those many of you Have asked me what it would do if we put In the King James version and the entire Passage at once so we're distilling the Whole story of Jesus calming the storm Down to one image and well we're fixing To find out what happens and I guess I Would call that a complete and total Disaster I have no idea what's going on This guy's got the high fade and North Face jacket look we've got Merrick Dondarian over here Jesus looks like That retouched painting on the Fresco That was going around the internet a Couple years ago yeah clearly it just Doesn't know what to do with the whole Story or how to summarize the Thematic Material of this into one thing Bible artists I think your jobs are safe

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