How to UNLEASH the Power of God in Your Life

Notice what is written in Philippians Chapter 2 verses 5 to 7 let this mind be In you which was in Christ Jesus who Being in the form of God did not Consider it robbery to be equal with God But made himself of no reputation taking The form of a bond Civic and coming in The likeness of men Jesus became like us To show us how we too can resist the Devil using God's word he didn't use Some superpower that's not available to Us today we need to equip ourselves with Scriptures we need to start using it in Prayer we need to come to God and say I Remember that you said this in your word You promised that you would do this you Do not lie I'm going to move forward Acting in accordance with what you said This isn't for God's benefit we aren't Trying to bring God down to us this sort Of prayer lifts us up to God

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