How to SURVIVE the Last Days (Most People Are NOT Ready)

As we look at how the Bible describes The end of the world before Jesus Returns you could easily be intimidated By all the horrible things ever to take Place notice what Jesus says to his Disciples when they ask what will be the Signs of his return in Matthew chapter 24 verses 4 to 8 and Jesus answered and Said to them take heed that no one Deceives you for many will come in my Name saying I am the Christ and will Deceive many and you will hear of wars And rumors of wars see that you are not Troubled for all these things must come To pass but the end is not yet for Nation will rise against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom and there will Be famines and pestilence and Earthquakes in various places all these Things are the beginning of Sorrows as Jesus begins to list off identifying Marks of the condition of the world just Before his return what is the first Instruction he gives don't let anyone Deceive you and verse 6 the second Instruction he gives is to not be Troubled that is Don't Be Afraid when we Think of end time deceptions some of the Topics that come to mind are Antichrist False Christ false prophets spiritualism Mark of the beast and these are all Serious issues but one of the biggest Deceptions will be the discouragement And hopelessness that will engulf much

Of the world Jesus warns us that as we Look at the world falling apart there is The very real risk of losing hope notice How he describes the very final moments Before his return in Luke chapter 21 Verses 25 and 26 and there will be signs In the sun in the moon and in the stars And on the earth distress of nations With perplexity the Sea and the waves Roaring man's Hearts failing them from Fear and the expectation of those things Which are coming on the earth for the Powers of the heavens will be shaken as People see the world falling apart as The damage of sin reaches its climax Many people will be engulfed in fear and Despondency this won't be limited to Unbelievers Jesus's instruction do not Be troubled is given to us we can see From these two passages that the time of The end from the beginning of Sorrows in Matthew 24 where Jesus warns about being Afraid through to the moment just before Jesus returns where men's hearts are Failing them for fear that we have a Period of great stress and hopelessness And loss of faith for many But it doesn't have to be that way for Us we can avoid the deception of Hopelessness in fact notice what Jesus Said when speaking about future events In John 14 29 and now I have told you Before it comes that when it does come To pass you may believe not only can we

Survive this end time period but when we See all these things taking place our Faith our belief can actually be Strengthened and purified we are going To look at how that can be how God is Preparing us by allowing us to go Through these troubled times he's Preparing us and our character for Eternity as we travel down this end time Sequence as these different calamities Pop up before us Wars rumors of wars Famine disease social and political and Financial change Liberty of conscience Being threatened God is taking advantage Of each of these things to prepare his People and to change them so that they Are ready to meet him when he comes and Clouds what Satan means for evil and Death and destruction God can use for Good but before we do that allow me to Tell you about a brand new Bible study Resource that will help you gain a Better understanding about Bible Prophecy called Revelation verse by Verse Revelation verse by verse is a Daily devotional designed to help you Get a better understanding of the Book Of Revelation in one year with 365 short Readings some subjects then you will Gain a better understanding of after Reading this book include the mark of The beast The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse the seven last plagues and The second coming of Jesus to name a few

Click on the link in the video Description to order your copy of Revelation verse by verse today Jesus Makes it very clear that the beginning Of the end time sequence would be marked By War in Matthew 24 verses 6 and 7 and You will hear of wars and rumors of wars See there that you are not troubled for All these things must come to pass but The end is not yet the last century has Certainly been the bloodiest the world Has ever seen But I find it very Interesting that Jesus shared that not Only would there be Wars but rumors of Wars what a curious observation I think It would be fair to say that only in the Last few years we've really been able to Experience this never before have we had Access to information about war like we Do at this moment every little detail Every thought every word that a world Leader speaks is dissected and Disseminated in a million different Directions the war and the Ukraine has Been unique in the sense that we can see It from a thousand different phone Cameras whether on Tick Tock or Facebook Or YouTube Reddit or wherever it's like Everyone involved is their own Journalist everyone can speculate about Every single little detail rumors of Wars with this being fair to us 24 7 no Wonder Jesus said see that you are not Troubled so how do we make sure that

We're not troubled about wars and rumors Of wars we put our faith every single Day in God's protection we learn his Promises to us Psalm 91 verses 1 to 5 he Who dwells in the secret place of the Most high shall abide under the shadow Of the Almighty I will say of the Lord He is my refuge my Fortress my God in Him I will trust surely he shall deliver You from the sneer of the Fowler and From the perilous pestilence he shall Cover you with his feathers and under His wings you shall take refuge his Truth shall be your shield and buckler You shall not be afraid of the terror by Night nor of the arrow that flies by day We ask God to write those promises on Our hearts we read about how God LED in The past and brought his people through War there are dozens of stories in Scripture that we are told are written For our encouragement go and learn them As you are reading put yourself in those Situations read about modern stories About how God has led his people through War Kore ten Boom Franz Hazel Desmond Doss if you haven't read their stories Go and read them that way when War comes Closer to your Shores you can say father I know how you work in these situations I will be faithful to you I'm not going To be afraid invariably with war comes Famine Matthew 24 verse 7 fornation will Rise against nation and Kingdom against

Kingdom and there will be famines Pestilence and earthquakes in various Places it seems like you can barely read The news today without some mention of An impending food crisis you could Almost Call It The Perfect Storm a very Curious sequence of events first we have Covert which disrupts Global Systems and Infrastructure then we have this war in Europe hampering a great deal of food Production and we have this group and This organization and various Governments saying expect food shortages To the person out in the world you can See how this paints a fairly hopeless Situation if your sole Reliance is on The systems of this world to provide for You then your confidence might be a bit Shaky right now but for the friend of Jesus our confidence doesn't lie in Man-made systems but in the god of Heaven has God given us promises that he Will provide for us absolutely Matthew Chapter 6 verses 25 to 27 therefore I Say to you do not worry about your life What you will eat or what you will drink Nor about your body what you will put on Is not life more than food and the body More than clothing look at the birds of The air for they near the sow nor reap Nor gather into barns yet your heavenly Father feeds them are you not of more Value than they which of You by worrying Can add one Q Cube it to a stature we

Don't need to feel hopeless about the World food situation Isaiah 33 verses 15 To 16. He Who Walks righteously and Speaks uprightly he who despises the Gain of oppressions who gestures with His hands refusing bribes who stops his Ears from hearing of Bloodshed and shuts His eyes from seeing evil he will dwell On high his place of defense will be the Fortress of rocks bread will be given Him his water will be sure can you think Of any stories in the Bible where God Made provision for food for his people Scriptures are full of them Elijah Manner in the wilderness Joseph was sent On this great journey that God's people Might be saved through a famine God has A thousand ways to provide for us where We can only think of one I would Encourage you when you give thanks at Meal time to really think about how God Provides for the needs of all his Creatures so perfectly remember how he Provided for his people you can have Hope for the future notice what else is About to come on the world again in Matthew 24 verse 7 for nation will rise Against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom and there will be famines Pestilence earthquakes in various places Another word for pestilences disease do I need to give an example of this I'm Sure there's not a person watching this That hasn't been touched in one way or

The other by heart disease Alzheimer's Dementia cancer diabetes covert it's Easy for people to lose all hope in the Face of these conditions do we need to Lose hope does God have any promises for Us and regard to disease yeah he does James 5 14 as anyone among you sick let Him call on the Elders of the church and Let them pray over him anointing him With oil in the name of the Lord if you Are sick ask fellow Believers to pray God still works the same way he did back When James wrote this God may use the Instructions on health and the Bible to Heal our disease he may work a miracle He may give wisdom to doctors and nurses On how to best treat us he tells us in Psalm 146 verse 8 the Lord opens the Eyes of the blind the Lord raises those Who are bound down the lord loves the Righteous even if we die we know that This mangled body is only temporary and One way or the other we will be healed In First Corinthians 15 verses 51-53 Behold I tell you a mystery we shall not All sleep but we shall all be changed in A moment in the twinkling of an eye at The last trumpet for the trumpet will Sound and the dead will be raised Incorruptible and we shall be changed For this corruptable must put on Incorruption and this Mortal must put on Immortality all too often people try Every solution possible before seeking

The working of the great doctor Jesus God may use various methods to bring Healing but he is the one who designed Us he needs to be our first call rather Than our last Resort we need to be Practicing this now is something wrong Talk with your maker about it we need to Be checking in with God throughout the Day along with disease there's going to Be social political and financial change Matthew 24 verse 12 and because Lawlessness will abound the love of many Will grow cold if that wasn't Descriptive enough check this out in Second Timothy chapter 3 verses 1 to 5 But know this that in the last days Perilous times will come for men will be Lovers of themselves lovers of money Boasters proud blasphemers disobedient Appearance unthankful Unholy unloving Unforgiving slanderers without Self-control brutal despises of good Traitors headstrong haughty lovers of Pleasure rather than lovers of God Having a form of godliness but denying Its power and from such people turn away It's not a pretty picture you only need To look at the news to see the horrible Crimes that are being committed every Day it's enough to make a person ask how Long Lord how long is this going to go On for it's enough to make a person lose Hope we can try our best to turn the Tides of evil and we should do all that

We can to preserve the society around us But God has a promise for us the same Promise he has always given to the Faithful from righteous Abel to Abraham And Sarah to Moses David and Samuel they Have the promise of a better country to Come Hebrews 11 verse 16 but now they Desire a better that is a Heavenly Country therefore God is not ashamed to Be called their God for he has prepared A city for them even though at times the Political Direction societal Direction Looks hopeless we know that there is a Country that is being prepared for us Whose Builder and maker is God that's Why we're told to in Colossians 3 verse 2 to set our minds on things above not On things of the Earth for you died and Your life is hidden with Christ and God We need to be preparing now relying on God now real quick if you are new to This Channel and you don't want to miss Any of our future videos make sure that You subscribe and click the Bell so that You get notified when we post new Content Jesus told us that the wheat and The tears will grow up together until The end and both need to ripen before he Comes to harvest the Earth sin needs to Be seen for all its horror and God is Also ripening his people until they Really bear fruit my appeal to you is This rely more on God share your Problems with him throughout the day you

Could share everything with God and you Would never burden him you'd never weary Him in fact every time you share with Him his heart is touched by what is Going on in your life this is how we Prepare this is how we hold on to hope When everything is falling down around Us we have a living relationship with God instead of sharing your worry with Someone who can't do anything about it Share it with God see what he can do Click on the screen to check out some More of our Christian videos we have a Lot of Christian videos which I'm sure You'll enjoy if you liked this one thank You for watching and God bless you

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