How to Read the Bible Overview

Our how to read the Bible series will Teach you to understand the Bible's Message and appreciate its unique Literary design the Bible is an Intricate work of art that tells one Unified story that leads to Jesus but it Isn't like any book you've ever read It's actually a collection of books each With its own purpose and to make it more Interesting the Bible isn't even written In one particular literary style or Genre what do we mean by genre genres Are a unique style of communicating with Certain ones being more effective at Communicating different ideas or stories Like a news article is one type of genre While a children's book is another each Genre has separate techniques and rules That writers use to communicate the Bible has three main literary Styles Narrative poetry and prose this series Unpacks the important elements of each Of the Bible's literary Styles while Walking through key sections of the Bible the Bible is a large book but it Doesn't have to be intimidating watch Our how to read the Bible series and see How the Bible is divinely inspired Literature that leads leads us to Jesus Episode 1 is an overview of the entire Biblical story so let's get started [Music]

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