How the Bible Helped ERADICATE Leprosy & Black Death ☠️

During the 6th and 7th centuries leprosy Spread across Europe taking the lives of Millions reaching its peak in the 13th And 14th centuries the disease was Completely out of control at this time The church took over leadership hoping To succeed where Physicians had failed Using the principles in The Book of Leviticus as their guide the sick were Quarantined and the disease was soon Eradicated this same law was applied Against the Black Death after it had Taken the lives of around 60 million People during the Dark Ages can we Afford to doubt the value of God's Health laws First Corinthians chapter 10 Verse 8 speaks against sexual immorality Obeying that will safeguard us against STDs and unwanted pregnancies likewise The warning against alcohol consumption In Proverbs chapter 23 verses 29-32 Prevents disaster and sorrow

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