How Does Jesus’ Death Reverse the Curse?

Jesus he so trusted in God's blessing he Wanted his followers to trust in God's Abundance to share and be generous and He even taught his followers to bless People who curse them Jesus would even Reverse the curse by healing and Restoring people's bodies God's blessing Is being Unleashed Jesus also confronted His fellow Israelites who were in power And he accused them of getting in the Way of God's plan to bless Israel and The Nations through them those leaders Arrest Jesus so they could have him kill Him and instead of fighting back and he Would allow the curse to fall on him Jesus dies the shameful death of a man Under the curse but just as God brought Life and blessing out of darkness in the Beginning so here through Jesus God Reverses death by raising Jesus the Curse is put to death so that the Blessing of God's life can spread out Once again [Music]

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