He REFUSED To Wear the Pride Jersey 🏳️‍🌈 Then This Happened!

I respect everybody's choices my choice Is to stay true to myself and my Religion That's all I'm going to say Any like I said that's all I'm going to Comment on that if you have any hockey Questions I would like I would answer Those Yeah Um That was Ivan provorov a professional Hockey player for the Philadelphia Flyers responding to why he didn't Participate in a warm-up for a game Wearing a special multi-colored Jersey In celebration of Pride night that's What I'm going to be talking about in This video but before I do that if you Enjoy my videos and would like to Support my channel to help me continue Making inspiring high quality Christian Videos you can make a one-time donation Through PayPal or a monthly Pledge on Patreon any amount is appreciated you Can find links to my PayPal and patreon Accounts in the video description an Online post entitled Philadelphia Flyers Player Ivan provorov boycott's Pride Night because of religion by bbc.com States Philadelphia Flyers player Ivan Provorov chose not to take part in the NHL side's Annual Pride night because of His Russian Orthodox religion the Flyers Players warmed up before Tuesday's game

Against Anaheim Ducks wearing jerseys With their names and numbers in rainbow Colors and their sticks wrapped in Rainbow tape but provorov was absent as He wanted to stay true to myself and my Religion I respect everyone I respect Everybody's Choice he said I admire Ivan Provara for not only standing for what He believes in but also doing so in a Very respectful way he didn't say Anything critical harsh or derogatory Against the LGBT community he simply Stated that wearing a pride Jersey was Contrary to his beliefs Christians Should stand up for what we believe in And be vocal about Sin but just as Important as doing that is how you do it You definitely don't want to Intentionally offend people Proverbs Chapter 18 verse 19 tells us a brother Offended is harder to win than a strong City and contentions are like the bars Of a castle in other words when you Offend someone they put their defenses Up and they're unwilling to hear what You have to say and you don't want that When trying to share the gospel because That defeats the purpose or when Standing up for your faith like Ivan Provorov did because you'll get labeled As a bigot or homophobe and enemies of The Gospel will make an example out of You and say all Christians are like that Then again sometimes no matter what you

Do no matter how considerate and Respectful you are you still get hated On case in point this commentary from Canadian broadcaster Sid saxero of Breakfast Television about Ivan Provorov's refusal to wear the pride Jersey the theme from the National Hockey League is hockey is for everyone Okay The theme is not hockey is for everyone Dot dot dot unless you don't believe in Gay rights then do whatever you want If the National Hockey League's going to Do this if any league is going to do This do it properly Or reevaluate what you're doing Because there's not a lot of Repercussions and I'm seeing From any League now it could change with The NHL Could change with the NHL I think you Find the Flyers a million dollars for This I'm not kidding Figure this out and stop offending People on nights where it's not about That it's supposed to be about Inclusivity The National Hockey League need to Attack this and figure this out Because what I heard last night was Offensive and didn't make any sense this Is not good enough hockey is for Everyone dot dot dot unless unless you Don't agree with gay rights is not the

Phrasing of this You're either in this or you're not And one last Point nothing scares me More than any human being who says I'm Not doing this because of my religious Beliefs because when you've looked in People's lives you normally say that Publicly you throw up at what you saw You would throw up at what you saw And I have seen that a million times in A lot of different ways so don't don't Give me that with respect don't give me That because no one's perfect all right Don't tell me don't don't feed me the Religious beliefs line and all of a Sudden the NHL is going to back off this The National Hockey League today Needs to find that organization a Million dollars and reevaluate how they Support gay rights because because that Is insulting wow he said religion is not An excuse to oppose gay rights and that The NHL should find that organization One million dollars and that it was Insulting you know what's insulting to Me claiming that the LGBT community Should have equal rights and then Forcing people to support the LGBT Community by wearing a pride Jersey on Pride tonight and then punishing them if They don't that's not equal rights at All that's a takeover if people have the Right to support the LGBT community then People whose values and beliefs are

Contra query to the LGBT community Should also have the right to oppose it That's equal rights it seems to me the More rights the LGBT community gains the More rights opponents of the LGBT Community like Christians lose this Reminds me of what the Bible says about The end times in Luke chapter 17 verses 28 through 30 Jesus said likewise as it Was also in the days of lot even so will It be in the day when the son of man is Revealed law lived in Sodom a city Characterized by forceful sexual Immorality Genesis chapter 19 talks About two angels in the form of men who Were visiting lot's house and Sodom when Men of the city surrounded lot's house And tried to break his door down to have Intercourse with lots visitors in a Sense I think that's what we're seeing Today a sexually immoral agenda LGBT try Trying to force people to accept it Threatening to punish those with labels Like homophobe fines lawsuits loss of Employment and even imprisonment if they Speak out against their agenda for Example an online post entitled case Tossed out against Christian Street Preacher arrested for alleged homophobia By foxnews.com States a criminal case Against a Christian Street preacher in The United Kingdom who was arrested in 2020 for alleged hate speech has been Tossed out prosecution for the UK

Government argued that John Donne a 55 Year old British Army special forces Veteran who has preached openly for 15 Years in the southwestern English town Of Swindon was guilty of hate speech When he offended members of the public By denouncing homosexuality according to The london-based Christian legal center Don't was slated for another court Hearing on November 13th which could Have seen him slapped with a criminal Record but the case was dismissed after The woman who complained about him Declined to further engage with the case So this guy was arrested and almost Caught a criminal charge and in case You're wondering what he said which was So bad the article goes on to explain During the November 1st 2020 incident That led to his arrest Dunn was Preaching in the Town Center of Swindon When two women walked by him holding Hands and he said I hope you are sisters When the woman told him they were in a Same-sex marriage Dunn replied it says In the Bible that homosexuals will not Inherit the kingdom of God quoting the Sixth chapter of First Corinthians the Women subsequently reported him to the Police this is one of several known Cases where someone faced legal Repercussions as a result of speaking Out against the lgbts another thing can This be a setup for the mark of the

Beast think about it there's this Anti-biblical Government-sanctioned agenda the LGBT Agenda that seeks to force people to Accept it under the threat of fines and Imprisonment in the probably not so Distant future there will be another Government sanctioned anti-biblical Agenda which the Bible calls the mark of The beast which people will be forced to Accept under the threat of not being Able to buy or sell and then ultimately A death decree will be issued against Them Revelation chapter 13 verses 15 Through 17 puts it this way he was Granted power to give breath to the Image of the Beast that the image of the Beast should both speak and cause as Many as would not worship the image of The Beast to be killed he calls us all Both small and great rich and poor free And slave to receive a mark on their Right hand or on their foreheads and That no one may buy or sell a except one Who has the Mark or the name of the Beast or the number of his name now if You watched my last video entitled Andrew Tate saw what no one was supposed To see then you know that the mark of The beast is enforced Sunday worship and What's interesting is there were only Two things instituted by God during Creation week the Sabbath which was Instituted on the seventh day according

To Genesis chapter 2 verses 1 through 3 And marriage which was instituted on the Sixth day according to chapter 2 verse 24. therefore the Sabbath and marriage Are twin institutions the LGBT agenda is Satan's attack against the institution Of marriage and so what do you think He's going to attack next he's going to Attack the Sabbath it's almost as if the LGBT agenda is a trial run for the mark Of the beast it seems like Satan is Using this to see how people react to an Attack on one of God's original Institutions marriage before he Implements the mark of the beast which Will be on a global scale I really Admire Ivan provora for the way that he Stood up for his faith when tested to Support Pride night all Christians need This kind of resolve and determination In these last days we are living in we Need to stand true to God regardless of Public opinion standing against the LGBT Agenda is a test of our faith and if we Can't remain true to God and His word When it comes to this how can we expect To resist the mark of the beast Revelation chapter 13 describes two Global powers that will unite to create An image to the Beast which will enforce The mark of the beast these Powers exist Today discover who those powers are what The image of the Beast is and what the Mark of the beast is by clicking on the

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