Great trick for remembering the Minor Prophets in order

So yeah these last 12 books of the Old Testament the you get lumped together They get called Minor Prophets and even Though I make videos on the internet About the Bible the truth is sometimes I Have trouble remembering the exact order That those books go in and I decided I Needed to do something about that so I Sat down the other day with the Pence on A sheet of paper and I worked out an Acrostic to remember the names of these 12 books in order so I got three Acrostics each of them covers four books And they're ridiculous to make them more Memorable if you have trouble with this You might find this helpful if not you Can just laugh at me for the silly Things that I do here we go first set Starts with Hosea Homer jousts angry Otters Hosea Joel Amos Obadiah next one Jonah might navigate happily Jonah Micah Nahum habakkuk zebras hurdle Zamboni Machines Zephaniah haggai Zechariah Malachi admittedly I had a little Trouble coming up with Z's but I've Tried it and this actually works for me

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